Jacques Houdek speaks out against Salvador Sobral’s comments!

It was reported earlier today that the winner of last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Salvador Sobral, had commented on Israel’s entry “Toy” by Netta Barzilai, branding it “horrible” and stating that “nothing has changed since I won”

His widely reported statements have caused consternation around the Eurovision bubble, and last year’s Croatian entrant, Jacques Houdek has hit back, posting the following on his Facebook feed this evening

SHAME ON YOU, Salvador Sobral!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Is this how a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest is supposed to speak out? You tried so hard to portray yourself as a humble man, as a true artist, and you may have tricked the entire Europe, but you did not fool me! Let me tell you something Salvador Sobral – last year, when you missed out on ALL of the ESC rehearsals, and your sister did them for you – the European Broadcasting Union – EBU should have disqualified you! It was unprofessional and extremely unfair to all of us who were there, doing all the hard work! It was also very sad and unfortunate that you were sick, I have to say, but if you are having health issues – YOU DON‘T TAKE ON such a huge project like Eurosong! Even in your own victory speech you were unpleasant to all of us, your fellow Eurosong contestants – but NOW, you are being far more rude by picking on Israel‘s representative Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי and her song, it is just outrageous! So patronising and completely inappropriate, not gentleman-like of you to do this! You should apologize ASAP!!! If you hate the concept of Eurovision so much, you never should have competed in it! The fact that you had to struggle to listen to last year songs and now you are so happy that you don‘t have to listen to any of this year‘s „horrible“ ESC songs just tells us all that you are a very small person! All of these young artists have dreams and they are under enormous pressure at this moment, so who are you to put shade on any of them? You may think you are a true artist, that is your right, but to me you just seem like a poser. Do you really think you are cool by acting so non-interested and distant? Not! Do you really believe that this kind of behaviour makes you a bigger artist in the public eye? It does not! It just shows us all that you are fake, just like you were a year ago when you won the ESC 2017. You may have won the ESC, but to me you are not a winner!

Netta Barzilai has also had her say in a tweeted reply to the original article:

Sending only love to Salvador, and to all artists of all genres ♥️

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  1. GusGranCanaria18 says

    Well The ESC IS a bit of rubbish music event…Salvador won It cause his quality and he IS right by stating that A *hen*singing cant win it…Neither some other coppycats if the International pop music..Eurovisión needs to reshape!!!! Juries Should be after quality and originality!!!! Spain Should win these year….For music sheer and needless stage lights! Like Salvador just DiD. Mercy Mercy!

  2. Ricardo says

    Its sad when a blog puts attention in descontextualized words. I read and i appreciate all the Salvador’s interview. They words arent arrogant. He talks about his point of view about a reccomendation of his personal youtube’s account. Its a opinion about one song, not about Netta and her artistic qualities. Shame on the croatian boy.

  3. Thiago says

    I’m happy to like both songs: Salvador’s and Netta’s (and many other all through the ESC story since the first contest saw in 1967), but I think that nobody is obliged to like a song, whether it is Salvador’s or Netta’s.

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