Madame Monsieur release ‘Comme Une Reine’

Madame Monsieur have released their latest single together with the video called ‘Comme Une Reine’ (Like a Queen)

The song talks about feminine beauty and how you only have one chance at life and should behave like a queen.

The song, translated into English says:

To not see your curves, your eyes are lowered

The mirror could break you into thousands of pieces

Scattered bits of you would blame the low esteem

Who saves your skin when the heart is too big

The glare that hurts is more violent than bullets

But look, it’s you who aims and it’s not normal

And the disenchantment is such between you and yourself

I wish you realised that you wear a tiara, oh

You have nothing to hide from your body and your shapes

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Babe, it’s time to reconcile Your difference and your beauty

You will lead the dance

You’ll finally say, “I love you”

You only have one existence

You only have one chance

Behave like a queen Like,

like a queen Like, like a queen Like,

like a queen Like, like a queen.

Despite being uploaded on 27th July, the video has already notched up an impressive 330,000 views

What do you think to Madame Monsieur’s latest single? Would you like to see them appear at the Eurovision again? Let us know in the comments section below!

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