Madame Monsieur meet Mercy!

Beloved husband and wife duo Madame Monsieur (who are Émilie Satt and Jean-Karl Lucas) represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with their song ‘Mercy’.
‘Mercy’ is about a little girl called Mercy, who was born on board of the ship Aquarius. The ship reached Italy where for a long time Mercy and her mother Taiwo have been staying in the largest migrant camp in Europe, but now they have been sheltered in a home for women and children!

Jean-Karl and Emilie have gone to the shelter home, 15 months after Mercy was born, 15 months since the song was written, to finally meet her!
According to Émilie it has, understandably, been a very emotional day, and she tells about it on Instagram, where we can read about it and see quite some pictures and videos of that special day:


Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram


15 mois après sa naissance à bord de l’Aquarius, 15 mois après l’avoir racontée en chanson, nous rencontrons enfin Mercy et sa maman Taiwo. C’était une journée comme on en vit peu, débordant de joie, de tendresse et de rires. Finalement on se connaissait déjà très bien. On a chanté joue contre joue, pleuré un peu, raconté dans le désordre, observé pour garder longtemps dans le cœur ces sentiments uniques. Depuis un peu plus d’un mois Taiwo et Mercy sont à l’abris en Sicile dans un foyer pour femmes et enfants, après un long séjour passé dans le plus grand camp de migrants d’Europe. Mercy ira demain à la crèche et Taiwo à l’école pour apprendre l’italien et pouvoir ensuite trouver un travail. Puisque comme nous, vous avez aimé cette petite fille et son histoire incroyable, voici quelques images de cette journée précieuse. 🙏🏻♥️🙏🏻 Merci à Alessandro, Mathilde, Éric, Greg, @SOSMEDITERRANEE, Borderline Sicily et Casa delle culture

Een bericht gedeeld door Madame Monsieur (@madamemonsieur) op


15 months after being born aboard the Aquarius, 15 months after having told about her in the song, we finally meet Mercy and her mother Taiwo. It was a day one experiences rarely, full of joy, tenderness and laughter. In the end we already knew each other very well. We sang cheek to cheek, cried a little, talked in disorder, making sure to keep in the heart these unique feelings for a long time.

For a little over a month, Taiwo and Mercy have been sheltered in Sicily in a home for women and children after a long stay in Europe’s largest migrant camp. Mercy will go to the crèche tomorrow and Taiwo to school to learn Italian and then find a job.
Since like us, you loved this little girl and her amazing story, here are some pictures of this precious day.
🙏🏻 ♥ ️🙏🏻 Thanks to Alessandro, Mathilde, Eric, Greg, @SOSMEDITERRANEE, Borderline Sicily and Casa delle culture)

Let’s relive Madame Monsieur moving the audience during the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon:


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