A Dal – Meet the stars of 2019!

ESCBubble were present at this morning’s press conference where the 30 entrants to Hungary’s “A Dal” contest were presented to the public for the first time! A Dal is the selection process that will be used by the Hungarian broadcaster MTV to choose their 17th entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, and some exciting names were revealed!

Here are the artists, and the name of the song that they will be presenting to the public during the shows which will be taking place in January and February 2019:

  1. Acoustic Planet – Nyári zápor
  2. Timi Antal feat. Gergő Demkó – Kedves világ
  3. Olivér Berkes – Lighthouse
  4. Deniz – Ide várnak vissza
  5. Diana – Little Bird
  6. Fatal Error – Kulcs
  7. Gotthy – Csak egy perc
  8. Klára Hajdú – You’re Gonna Rise
  9. Barni Hamar – Wasted
  10. Dávid Heatlie – La Mama Hotel
  11. Konyha – Százszor visszajátszott
  12. Kyra Fedor – Maradj még
  13. Leander Kills – Hazavágyom
  14. Mocsok 1 kölykök – Egyszer
  15. Monyo Project – Run Baby Run
  16. Bogi Nagy – Holnap
  17. Nomad – A remény hídjai
  18. Gergő Oláh – Hozzád bújnék
  19. Joci Pápai – Az én apám
  20. Rozina Pátkai – Frida
  21. Petruska – Help Me Out Of Here
  22. Ruby Harlem – Forró
  23. Salvus – Barát
  24. Gergő Szekér – Madár, repülj!
  25. The Middletonz – Roses
  26. The Sign – Ő
  27. Laszló Váray – Someone Who Lives Like This
  28. USNK – Posztolj
  29. Bence Vavra – Szótlanság
  30. yesyes – Incomplete

Eurovision fans will of course recognise the name of Joci Pápai who represented Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, coming 8th in the final with “Origo”, but there is also the inclusion of The Middletonz which is the new project by 2014 representative András Kállay Saunders as revealed by ESCBubble last week.

There are also a couple of familiar names to regular followers of A Dal.  Both yesyes and Leander Kills were in the final last year and Gergô Oláh has given us the pleasure of his amazing vocals in both 2015 and 2016. Olivér Berkes was also a finalist in 2016. Bence Vavra competed as Ceasefire X in 2018 and Timi Antal appeared in 2015.

Exciting times ahead for Hungary, off the back of AWS’s 21st place in the Grand Final of Eurovision in Lisbon in May! Who are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments and make sure you are following ESCBubble using the social media buttons below to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the news in the run up to the 64th Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv in May!

Enjoy AWS’s performance of Viszlát nyár from last year’s A Dal final

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