Alar Band: ‘The desire to win FiK and represent Albania is just too big’

Another Albanian band is about to make its debut at the biggest Albanian music stage. Alar Band are more than excited for their Festivali i Kenges journey, yet we were lucky to have a little chat with them about their upcoming performance at the Albanian national selection with their entry “Dashuria nuk mjafton”.

Hey, guys! Welcome to the ESCBubble, we’re happy to have you here! How are you?
We are pretty fine, Jan, thank you. What about you?

I’m fine as well, so glad to have you here! Guys, you’re just about to make your debut at Festivali i Kenges 57, how come you made this decision just this year?
We thought that’s a great idea to be part of FiK 57 this year, because it’s a new experience for us.

In one of the interviews you guys mentioned, that your song will not be in the same style people are used to hear from you. What can we expect from the entry you’ve prepared for FiK?
Well, usually our songs are identified by the rhythm and the accordion. In this song we have experimented with three beats and a different arrangement. So we hope for a success.

There is five of you, when did the whole story started and how? Tell us more about it!
Our story is too long. The five of us have studied at musical school in our city and there began everything.

The contest you apllied for is one of the biggest stages in Albania – in case you win, are you excited about Eurovision Song Contest – do you have any favourite song from the competition?
The desire to win Fik 57 and represent Albania in Eurovision, is too big. So let’s hope for this. We wish a big success to all the competitors.

FiK 57 is getting closer and closer – have you started with the preparations for your stage performance?
We’ve just began practicing with the orchestra and until now everything is going just marvelous.

Last but not least – language question. In case you win this years’contest, are you going to leave the song in Albanian or do you want to translate it to English?
This situation hasn’t been discussed yet, but it remains to be thought with the production.

Thank you so much for your time you dedicate to us – do you have any final message for your international fans at
Thank you, Jan. This interview was nothing but a pleasure for us. Thank you so much for following us and supporting our music. We love you very much. God Bless You All.

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