Edgars Kreilis – ‘I have big plans for this song’

The first semi-final of Latvia’s Supernova takes place this Saturday evening, and one of the artists competing is Edgars Kreilis. Edgars is no stranger to this competition, having entered twice before. In 2017 he gave us ‘We Are Angels’, and in 2018 he performed ‘Younger Days’, and this year he is back again with his new song ‘Cherry Absinthe’. We were of course keen to find out more, and were thrilled to get the opportunity for an interview.

Congratulations on making it through to the semi-finals of Supernova once again Edgars. This is your third time in the competition, what have you enjoyed about the first two attempts that made you so keen to enter again this year?

‘I entered again because this is a wonderful opportunity and a great chance to prove myself – that I can do better. The first year was a test-drive; the second year I wanted to get into the final, and this year I want to do my best and be worthy of winning’

Your song has had some changes since we first heard it during the audition phase, including a new title ‘Cherry Absinthe’. What was the thinking behind that change?

‘Because I wasn’t the only artist to enter a song with the title ‘Fire’, I decided to make some changes. Not just to the title, but also to the chorus, and some instrumental changes and now I think the song has even bigger potential. There is no doubt that good things come with time.’

Can you tell us a little more about the song itself?

Cherry Absinthe’ is a song about New Year’s Eve, where two people fell in love at a great party. In other words it is about the moment when you forget the things missing in the last year and embark on the new year with new goals, wishes and emotions and enjoying the time that we are given’

The very early audition stages often don’t reflect the final versions that we see in the live shows – do you have any big plans for the staging of your entry this year?

‘I don’t have any other changes planned, but if there are any suggestions from the judges in the semi-final then I may make some adjustments, but first of all I need to get to that final. To be honest I do have big plans for this song, but as this is the semi-final I need to also leave some space for improvements as well.’

In this year’s competition you will be reunited with some familiar faces. Markus Riva of course also competed in 2017 and 2018 with you, but there also some names from the x-faktor days. Have you kept in touch with everyone outside of the shows and how does it feel to have those friendly faces around you in the studio?

‘Yes it is really great to get back together. I know we are all competing against each other, but since I am the friendly type I do like to hang out with them. Sometimes it also helps me to relax, but it depends on the person because some musicians like to spend time alone and don’t like to be bothered, but overall I still think that musicians are like a big family.’

We have seen a series of images online (and indeed in your audition clip) where you are wearing different coloured sweaters with Kreilis branded on them. Do you have a new line of clothing out?, is it your own design, and if so how did that come about? (they look great!)

‘Thank you! I truly appreciate that you have noticed this. Yes it is my design and I’m still working on some ideas. I would really like to release my own brand, but this project is currently in its early stages of development.’

In your music career, who would you say are your biggest influences? Are there any particular artists that you find yourself listening to a lot?

‘There are many many great musicians in this world and it is hard to mention only a few. At first I would highlight Justin Timberlake as one of my favourite performers. Secondly I really really like James Arthur, because of the way that he delivers every song. Lastly I would like to mention Ed Sheeran, because he is my favourite songwriter of all time.’

And outside of music can you tell us a little more about yourself? I know for instance that you’re quite a good ice hockey player…

‘To be honest, I am a full-time employee. I work for Hokejam.lv as a Project Manager, and as you know I also play ice hockey. It helps me to keep in shape and also to relax from daily duties. I play in the Latvian hockey league and my name can be found on the roster for the hockey clubs ‘Tervete’ and ‘Vilkace’. It is pretty cool but I still wish to become a full-time musician someday.’

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Edgars, we wish you the very best of luck in Saturday’s semi-final!

You can listen to the new version of ‘Cherry Absinthe’ here, and if you like it, you can also vote in our poll for the semi-final below!

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