Kris & Oz – ‘Supernova gave us confidence in what we do’

Latvia’s National Selection process, Supernova, returns on Saturday for a 5th series and we are delighted to welcome back Kris & Oz, who narrowly missed out on a place in the final in 2018 with their song “Morning Flight”

Kris & Oz welcome back! “Morning Flight” would have gone through to the final if it was public votes alone, I guess that Supernova 2018 was a good experience for you?
Exactly, it was one of the best opportunities for us to grow artistically and as you mentioned it went very very well. We didn’t expect to find out that so many people loved the song and performance. Most importantly It gave us confidence in what we do.

How about after Supernova 2018? Did your appearance lead to more exposure for Kris & Oz?
Oh definitely, it was noticeable shift in our social media profiles. We received many positive comments and invitations to perform. We are happy and thankful for that

Moving on to 2019 and your song is “Midnight Streets”, again you have served us an amazing slice of laid-back jazz that’s just like a 3 minute hug! Tell us about the song
Despite the fact that It went through several noticeable changes overall it was a natural process. It is a usual thing for us to start and end up with completely different versions of the song. We always try to mix several eras of music. Like soul, jazz, funk with modern approaches to production and stuff. The idea behind “Midnight Streets” is a homage to all the great songs out there and the importance of music in our lives, because music possesses real power to boost your mood and guide you out from complicated situations.

Your performances that I have found have always been in the English language, are you ever tempted to sing in Latvian?
We have not tried yet but we always keep this idea in mind.

Kris, your look for Supernova 2018 was amazing! I would love to have hair that did that!! Have you got a plan for your appearance in the first semi final on January 26th?
Oh , Thank you! Yes, it will be something new.

The “Midnight Streets” lyrics tell us that you find your favourite song and put it on repeat …. What song would this be for each of you?
Kris : Casio by Jungle
Artur : Northern Lad by Tori Amos
Sasha : Tints by Anderson Paak

Finally, what does 2019 have in store for you, beyond Supernova?

Right now we are in the middle of negotiations with local festivals representatives. So we try to book some festival spots, but we are always open minded about playing small intimate gigs as well. And of course we are always keeping ourselves busy with recording new stuff in the studio.

Kris & Oz will be performing “Midnight Streets” this coming Saturday in the first semi final of Supernova 2019. Watch the lyric video here, and if you listen on Spotify – this counts as a vote! Click here

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If Kris & Ozt are one of your favorites in the first sémi final of Supernova, make sure you cast your vote for them, and for up to three other acts in our poll here:

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