Lautner: ‘…It would mean that people believe that we can bring France to victory’

Ahead of their appearance in the first Destination Eurovision semi final on 12th December, we caught up with the exciting male duo, Lautner.

Lautner are comprised of two childhood friends – Sacha and Axel, who released their debut single ‘Par Amour’ back in April (a cover of the song by Dadju and Maître Gims).

Both have previously appeared on the French version of The Voice and are self taught musicians. We spoke with them about why they’ve decided now is the time to try out for Eurovision, the type of music they want to make and the message of their entry.

Hello Lautner, congratulations on being one of the 18 artists selected for Destination Eurovision.  What made you decide that now was the right time to compete?

Hello! Thank you so much. We thought that we were able to represent France in Eurovision this year so we tried to integrate Destination Eurovision and now we’re so happy to have this luck.

We loved your cover of ‘Par amour’ by Dadju and Maître Gims.  Is this the style of music we can expect more of from Lautner or are there a range of genres that you will be incorporating in your songs?

Thank you! We think there’s several styles of music that will be in our songs because we wrote a lot of songs together and sometimes it’s “pop”, sometimes more “Rnb” or “Trap” but of course it’s always what we love.. “Par Amour” is one of the genres that will be in our future songs!

Lautner ‘Par Amour’ – their debut video

Your Destination Eurovision song is called ‘J’ai pas le temps’.  What can you tell us about the message of the song and how you might present it on stage?

Our song “J’ai pas le temps” talks about the fact that sometimes, we don’t have time for our friends, family, other people because we are busy at work or for something professional but it doesn’t mean that they don’t count for us. We don’t know right now how we will present the song’s message on stage but we are working with our team to give you the best of it.

You both have experience of television competitions having taken part in the French version of The Voice.  Eurovision means performing to an audience of hundreds of millions of viewers, how would your previous experience of performing help you be ready for such an event?

Our past experiences, even if we didn’t go many times on stage, gave us a lot of confidence. It doesn’t mean that we are not afraid ( we are ) but it will help us to enjoy the show and to have more fun on stage. 

If you were to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest what would that mean to you and have you watched Eurovision in the past?  What was your favourite Eurovision entry?

That should be so crazy and rewarding.. It would mean that people believe that we can bring France to victory and that would give us so much strength. We want to. We watched Eurovision in the past and we really loved “Amir – J’ai cherché” and “Alexander Rybak – Fairytale” performances!

Thank you guys for your time and we at ESCBubble wish you the best of luck in Destination Eurovision!

Don’t forget to check out Lautner on Saturday 12th January in the first semi-final of Destination Eurovision, as they try their luck to represent France in May! If they are one of your personal favorites in the first semi final, make sure you cast your vote for them and for three other acts in our poll here:

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