Mazy: “Our goal is to make people watch, enjoy and have a good time”.

The French Eurovision selection, Destination Eurovision starts next weekend with its first semi finals. Ahead of this contest, ESCBubble caught up with various artists who will be competing to represent France in this year’s Eurovision, in order to get to know them better, and to get the story behind their entries. The first in our series of interviews is with a talented singer Mazy, who aims to represent her country with the song “Oulala”.

Hi Mazy. Can you tell us more about how you were chosen to take part in Destination Eurovision?
I really enjoyed the show last year, there was a lot of strong personalities and artists. This is why I suggested my own song “Oulala” for this adventure and it was chosen ! 

What made you want to enter?
The Eurovision Song Contest is a wonderful place for musical discoveries, no boundaries or borders.  It’s many songs with messages to be shared which helps us to travel, even if we don’t speak the same language. Each nation has the opportunity to bring its universe, its strength and its trend. I find this amazing and very fulfilling

What are your plans for Destination Eurovision?
We will try to make a nice choreography inspired by the video clip. Our ultimate goal is to make people watch, enjoy and have a good time during the show ! 

What is your song about ? 
Oulala is a song about love. It’s about the dilemma between the fear we can have when we fall in love again, the fear of being in pain again, suffering again and trying to protect ourselves even though at the end we all want to live those moments again. But we finally let it go and want to feel alive. (For example you will see the colour changing in the video clip from dark blue to light pink, symbolising the evolution of the state of mind of the singer).  I wanted a song with good vibes, strong energy and a nice hook that could make anyone smile around in Europe with this French catchphrase Oulala. 

What style are you going for in your song eg. Is it pop, dance or folk etc?
My songs are mostly Pop Music mixing with a few other styles. I like to gather all styles even though my main style is French variety/ Classic french songs.

How are you going to stage your song? Will it have any choreography?
It will be a mix with colours on the scene with rhythm and good vibes only 😉 

What language will you be singing in?
It will all be sung in French.

Has anyone helped you with the song?
I write and compose all my songs. The Belgium group BSSMNT directed the songs with their greats ideas. I love their spirit.

Are you doing any other projects at the moment?
I am currently working on my album, I do my best to propose something that comes from my heart. I want people to understand all of my messages. 

What has been your favourite French song at the Eurovision? 
” J’ai cherché ” By Amir, during the Eurovision 2016. 

What has been your favourite song at the Eurovision? 
I loved Moldova’s song at the Eurovision in 2010 . It was a great surprise, I really liked this song.

Thanks for speaking to us Mazy and Good Luck in Destination Eurovision!

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