Renata Mohorič: “My song talks about unsettled love, that hasn’t bloomed nor passed by yet!”

EMA 2019 will take place on the February 16th, while 10 artists will be in running to represent Slovenia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which will happen in Tel Aviv, Israel later this year. This time we had a nice chat with Renata Mohorič, who has been previously experienced with EMA, back in 2015. Now she’s back with her first solo entry – Three Bridges.

Hey, Renata! Thank you for taking your time for our interview!
Hey, no need to thank me, it’s my pleasure!

You’re coming back to EMA after four years, but this time you left your boys from I.C.E. at home. How come?
To tell you the truth, I wasn’t even thinking about participating this year, neither with my band nor as a solo artist, but as it turned out, it was obviously destined to happen. Just before the application deadline I was contacted by a well known producer Goran Šarac and presented a song co-produced by a famous Macedonian songwriter Griegor Koprov and Swedish producer, singer and songwriter Stiko Per Larsson. Goran really wanted to submit this song for EMA 2019, but had a vision that it should be performed by an artist with a slightly raspy, rock’n’roll type of voice and this is why he contacted me. Despite the fact that I am also a songwriter and author and usually prefer performing my own songs which directly reflect my feelings and emotions, I made an exception this time, because I really immediately connected with the song and its message.

What was your reaction when you realised that you’ve been selected to compete at EMA 2019?
I was definitely surprised and excited, when I was informed about being chosen among 100 other great songs that were submitted. This also additionally confirmed my feelings that there was something special about this song.

You’ve done two albums now with I.C.E., have you been thinking that it’s time for solo career now?
We are still creating together and writing new songs. What is the most important for us, is that our songs will reach the hearts of those who will relate to their messages. Whether they will be released under my name or under the name of our band hasn’t been determined yet actually.

You also did Slovenian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar, was it a nice experience for you? What have you learned the most?
Participating in the show was quite an intense experience where I really learned a lot. But the most valuable lesson of the show for me was the rise of consciousness, where even more than before, I just wanted to be myself.

The last time you’ve done EMA, you’ve done it in Slovenian, now your song is called Three bridges, what is it about?
The song talks about unsettled love, that hasn’t bloomed nor passed by yet, and hope, that it might continue some day in the future. What makes it specially interesting is that the place of its possible continuation is a particular very beautiful and historical place in the city-center of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, that is called “Triple bridge”. And this makes it a very Slovene-related song despite it being sung in English language.

In case you win EMA this year you’ll travel to Tel Aviv – are you familiar with the contest and have you been following it earlier already? Do you have any all-time favourites?
When I was younger I was regularly following Eurovision Song Contest, but due to the busy schedule in the last few years only as much as the time permitted. But definitely always managed to check the winning songs. My favourite winning songs from the last decade are: Euphoria – Loreen, Molitva – Marija Šerifović and Salvador Sobral – Amar pelos dois.

Can you tell us more about your stage performance, are you already working on it?
Since the song is a ballad, there will be more emphasis on interpretation and emotions. Let’s the rest remain a secret till the actual performance.

Thanks, Renata. We wish you nothing but good luck at this years’s EMA. Do you have a message for your international fans here at the
Thank you very much as well. I wish all the readers following EMA and Eurovision lots of fun and music enjoyment. Let the music unite us all!

Give a listen to a clip of Renata’s entry “Three Bridges” right here:

#EMA with Renata Mohorič

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