These are the artists in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019 – and their songs!

Just this afternoon, Danish broadcaster DR has revealed which artists will be competing in their national final: Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019.
With that, they have immediately released their songs as well!

These songs have made it into the final line-up:

1: ‘Anywhere’
Artist: Simone Emilie
Music & lyrics: Jeanette Bonde, Fred Miller og Fredrik Sonefors

2: ‘Kiss Like This’
Artist: Jasmin Gabay
Music & lyrics: Lise Cabble, Clara Sofie Fabricius, Fredrik Sonefors

3: ‘Hold My Breath’
Artist: Rasmus Faartoft
Music & lyrics: Martin Skriver, Tim Schou, Thomas Agerholm, Sebastian Owens, Benjamin Rønn, Marcus Elkjer

4: ‘Dancing with You in My Heart’
Artist: Marie Isabell
Music & lyrics: Greg C. Curtis, Miguel Garcia, Petrus Wessman, John Ballard

5: ‘Say My Name’
Artist: Sigmund
Music & lyrics: Christoffer Stjerne, Abigail F. Jones

6: ‘Dronning af baren’
Artist: Humørekspressen
Music & lyrics: Christian Kroman, Søren Schou, Chang Il Kim, Peter Lützen

7: ‘League of Light’
Artist: Julie & Nina
Music & lyrics: Julie Berthelsen, Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen, Marcus Winther-John, Joachim Ersgaard

8: ‘Step It Up’
Artist: Teit Samsø
Music & lyrics: Christoffer Stjerne, Lise Cabble, Nanna Larsen

9: ‘Love Is Forever’
Artist: Leonora
Music & lyrics: Lise Cabble, Melanie Wehbe, Emil Lei

10: ‘That Vibe’
Artist: Leeloo
Music & lyrics: Laurell Barker, Ludvig Hilarius Brygmann, Maria Marcus

We see Tim Schou (Denmark 2011 with his former band A Friend In London) among the songwriters of ‘Hold My Breath’ and Lise Cabble in ‘Love Is Forever’, ‘Step It Up’ and ‘Kiss Like This’.
Lise was one of the co-writers behind ‘Only Teardrops’, which won the contest in 2013 for Denmark!

Since DR have also uploaded all the songs, you can listen to them by clicking the links down below:

  1. Simone Emilie – Anywhere
  2. Rasmus Faartoft – Hold My Breath
  3. Leeloo – That Vibe
  4. Leonora – Love Is Forever
  5. Humørekspressen – Dronning af baren
  6. Sigmund – Say My Name
  7. Julie & Nina – League of Light
  8. Marie Isabell – Dancing with You in My Heart
  9. Teit Samsø – Step It Up
  10. Jasmin Gabay – Kiss Like This

Let us know which of these 10 songs is your personal favorite by voting in our poll here:

Last year, Denmark shot into the top 10 at Eurovision due to a high televoting score. The viewers at home were quite charmed by Rasmussen and his fellow vikings!

Do you think Denmark can do it again this year?
Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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