Victor Crone: ‘I see the song to be optimistic, a reminder to live life and don’t mind the mind too much’

On Thursday 31st January we see the return of Eesti Laul – the Estonian selection process for Eurovision. The first semi final will be held in the city of Tartu.

One of the entrants in Semi Final 1 is the 26 year old Swedish singer Victor Crone. He previously reached the Andra Chansen round at Melodifestivalen 2015 alongside Behrang Miri with the song ‘Det rår vi inte för’. He’s now teamed up with succesful Eesti Laul veterans Stig Rasta and Fred Kreiger on a soaring, country tinged uptempo number called ‘Storm’

We had a quick chat with Victor beforehand asking him about him about how he hooked up with Stig and Fred, the meaning of ‘Storm’s lyrics and his favourite Eurovision songs!

Hi Victor, well done for making it to the last 24 at Eesti Laul! You’re no stranger to taking part in an Eurovision selection and we very much enjoyed your 2015 Melodifestivalen entry with Behrang Miri. What made you decide to try your luck in Estonia rather than have another try in Sweden?

Hi! Thank you, and happy to hear that you guys liked and remember “det rår vi inte för”. I have been working with music in Estonia for over a year now and with that I made some really good friends and I feel that we have a good team to enter Eurovision with. I didn’t really plan to participate, we wrote the song sent it in and here we are 🙂 Really fun!

You have quite the writing lineup for ‘Storm’ with Stig Rasta, who has won and participated at Eesti Laul, plus Fred Krieger who wrote the 2016 Eesti Laul winner ‘Play’. How did you end up working with such a talented group of writers?

Yeah, very talented guys! I’m almost certain Stig is a co-writer on Play as well. I met Stig in Stockholm one and half year ago for a songwriting session. We wrote a good song and really clicked. From that day we’ve been working together, writing songs for me and other artists.

Since Melodifestivalen we’ve enjoyed some great music from you including ‘Burning Man’ plus your feature on ‘Coming Up’ by Tungevaag & Raaban. Apart from your Eesti Laul entry do we have any more of your music to look forward in the near future?

Yes, of course. My plan is to release a bunch of songs during 2019.
Storm itself was released on all platforms 21 December. Also check out Karl Erik Taukar who is an artist in Estonia who recently released a song I wrote with Stig and Fred called ‘Need Read’.

In ‘Storm’ the lyrics see you questioning yourself a lot and asking whether you may be wrong about some difficult periods in life. Do you see the song as being optimistic or is it trying to portray someone who finds it difficult to move on from the past?

Like in every song it’s up to the listener. But for me it appeals to so many subjects. From love, war, depression, hate etc. Whatever you might be going through there is always an ending and a “new start”. I see the song to be optimistic, a reminder to live life and don’t mind the mind too much 😉

If you were to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest what would that mean to you and have you watched Eurovision in the past? What was your favourite Eurovision entry?

That would be overwhelming. Firstly that the Estonian people would like me to represent their country.  And of course a huge experience. I’ve been watching the Eurovision since I was a kid. I got plenty of songs that I like from ESC but my all time favourites has to be ‘Euphoria’ by Loreen and ‘Goodbye To Yesterday’ bu Stig Rästa (No bribe ;)) and Elina Born.

Thank you Victor and good luck from ESCBubble. How can our readers connect with you and your music going forward?

You can find information about me and listen to ‘Storm’ on the following platforms:

Victor Crone on Spotify
Victor Crone on Facebook
Victor Crone on Instagram
Victor Crone on Youtube

You can find out how Victor gets on at the first semi final by following our live blog this Thursday. The ESCBubble team will also be on the ground for the live final on Saturday 16th February, so look out for our exclusive content!

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