Brunettes Shoot Blondes: "Our song is about the struggle of tough and toxic relationships.

We caught up with Ukranian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes who’ll be competing in Semi Final 1 of this years Vidbir National Final this Saturday (9th February). 

This isn’t the first time the band have competed in Vidbir. In 2016 they sung the song “Every Monday” which made it to the final in 2016, missing out to the winner Jamala.

Congratulations on being picked for Vidbir again. What is your song about?

It’s about the day to day struggle of tough and toxic relationships.

How did your song get chosen for Vidbir?

Well, it’s not the most interesting story. We just sent our song to producers of Vidbir, and they liked it. Just the regular procedure. Still, we’re grateful for the opportunity to perform in the National Selection.

What made you want to enter?

We came up with an idea for our new video, and then we realised that it’s possible to do the same thing on stage. So, we decided to participate in the National Selection to share our concept with a TV audience and get the chance to impress Europe.

What are your plans for Vidbir?

Of course we want to get to the final. Obviously we can’t predict the future, but we’re shooting for the absolute best results.

What style are you going for in your song eg. Is it pop, dance or folk etc?

Indie pop.

How are you going to stage your song? Will it have any choreography?

The performance will be really similar to our new video Houston. In that one we brought to life a broken vintage piano by altering it to a hybrid grand piano containing 20 instruments in it. We are going to play that apparatus on Vidbir.

What language will you be singing in?

BSB sings in English and Houston is no exception. We feel our music fits this language better.

Has anyone helped you?

Many people were involved in our piano project. Making this video wasn’t easy at all. We invited engineers to help us build the instrument.  In the end, everything worked out much better than even we imagined.

What’s been your favourite Ukranian song at the Eurovision

Jamala – 1944

What’s been your favourite song at the Eurovision?

Abba – Waterloo

Are you doing any other projects at the moment?

We have lots of creative ideas waiting in the chute. Right now we’re starting indiegogo campaign to fundraise some money for our next exercise in eccentricity.

Thanks for speaking to us guys and Good Luck in Vidbir!

You can checkout the video for BSB’s Vidbir entry below.
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