Carina Dahl: “I think Stockholm is the pop-capital of the world”

Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix is taking place this Saturday, where 10 acts are going to compete to represent Norway in Eurovision 2019 in Israel. One of the 10 finalists is Carina Dahl, who we had a great pleasure to talk to ahead of the show, get to know her better, and find out more about her entry “Hold Me Down”.

Hi Carina. Congratulations on being picked for the Melodi Grand Prix again. How do you feel about being back in Melodi Grand Prix? Do you think your experience of having taken part before will help you?

It’s amazing to be back! Its been 6 years since the last time, so when I got asked I figured it’s time again. And I totally love the song and its message. I would like to believe I will be calmer, but I know the minutes & seconds before I go on stage is gonna be nerve-wracking as always. But I think that’s a good thing, cause it means I have respect for what I do & have a big wish of delivering a great show and sing the best I can! 

You lived in Sweden for 6 years. What made you want to live there and what did living in Sweden teach you?

Yes I lived there for 6 years because I met a Swedish guy that I was in a relationship with for those years. I think Stockholm is the pop-capital of the world, and I really developed my sound and songwriting there together with amazing producers and other songwriters. It was a great chapter in my life! Also their Eurovision culture is just epic. Its such a big event for everybody over there! 

Your father Diesel Dahl is a member of the band TNT. Has he heard your song for MGP and has he given you any advice?

My father and I do very different genres, but he has always been there as a Father and of course an Adviser. But as I’m getting older, he understands that I do my thing anyway. Haha. So he just supports me in the best way he can! 

Your song was co-written by an impressive team including Laura Groeseneken who represented Belgium last year, and the songwriter Ashley Hicklin. It was also co-written by Laurell Barker who has wrote a number of songs for National finals including ‘Legends’ in the UK final and Switzerland’s song last year. Did you get to meet any of the writers and did they give you any advice?

I recorded with Ashley, who is an amazing guy. Its a very hard song to sing, but he made me confident and we worked super good together. I’m in touch with Laurell, who also wrote it, and we work on my voice and the song together. So it means a lot to have that team working together with me all the way.

What is your song about?

I feel that it’s a power song about doing your own thing. It’s about being yourself and not letting anything or anyone holding you back, or holding you down, as the title goes. Also as a girl we can talk about the “metoo” subject as well. But I think we should think even wider than that. 

What are your plans for Melodi Grand Prix, and how are you going to stage your song?

My plan is to do a different show that I haven’t done before, because I already did it twice, so I can’t do what everyone expect me to do in a way. So that’s my plan! And we’ll see if I can make that happen. 

Who is helping you out with the choreography?

NRK has amazing choreographers and dancers, so all the acts get great teams 🙂

Are you doing any other projects at the moment?

Yes, I always have a lot of projects. Too much energy! haha! I’m gonna release music in my own language, so working on that. Just signed a new record deal with Sony, so that’s exciting. I also have a sunglasses collection out, that I designed. And I will launch my own bikini line very soon 🙂 I’m airing on a couple of TV shows at the moment, that was recorded last year. So there’s a lot going on 🙂

What’s been your favourite Norwegian song at the Eurovision?

Hmmm hard question… Tooji with “Stay”, Wig Wam with “In My Dreams”, and Guri Schanke with “Ven a Bailar conmigo” 🙂

What’s been your favourite song at the Eurovision?


Are you fan of Eurovision? What’s your first memory of the contest?

I love Eurovision!! I think my first memory that really stuck is when I first competed in 2011 with “Guns & Boys”. It was a huge deal for me!!! 

Why should your song be chosen to represent Norway in this year’s Eurovision?

Oh wow that’s a hard question. And I really wanna be humble! I love the song, and it has a great message. Hopefully you guys will love the show, and I know my energy level is gonna be maxed!

Thanks for speaking to us Carina and the best of luck for Melodi Grand Prix!

Give a listen to Carina Dahl’s entry in Melodi Grand Prix – “Hold Me Down” right here:

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