Humørekspressen: ”It will be great to represent the golden days of Eurovision!”

Modern drinking songs, poetic pop and dance hall rhythm, all with a twist!
That’s how much Humørekspressen has to offer musically – very broad indeed!
And they are able to offer this, due to the four guys who make up Humørekspressen’s completely different backgrounds! The band consists of: Frandsen (aka Pharfar), Krølstrup (aka Klumben), Strejferen (aka Chapper) and Peber (aka Peter Lützen).
Pharfar is part of the dancehall trio Bikstok, one of their most recent hits is ‘Uranium’

Peter Lützen is a guitarist in the band Panamah, Chapper is known for his musical shows for kids as well as being a host for kids’ shows on DR, Pharfar is rapper and producer in the renowned dancehall trio Bikstok, an area Klumben is very familiar with as well, to say the least, being one of Denmark’s biggest dancehall rappers!
In 2017 the four gentlemen came together to form the group Humørekspressen.

This weekend they’re competing with ‘Dronning af baren’ (Queen of the Bar) in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019, but right before, they found some time to have a chat with us!

Hi guys, congratulations on being in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019 line-up!
Can you tell us what your song ‘Dronning af baren’ is about?

‘Dronning af baren’ is about that girl that breaks out of her hometown to travel to the big city to make it. She attract attention in the bar where she works, and all the men are lining up to be near her.

And can you guys tell us what kind of staging we can expect for your song this weekend?

The staging is a bit of a secret. We can say as much as this: We will perform as a liveband with instruments and all!

If you guys go all the way and win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, how would you guys react, you think? And what would it mean to you to represent your country in the Eurovision Song Contest?

We would love to win and represent Denmark!
Our song is a homage to the show as it was when we were young and in the sense it will be great to represent the golden days of Eurovision.

What plans do you guys have for after Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to share with us?

We’re on tour pretty much al year round. At the moment were on a pub tour and after that we will play venues and festivals all over Denmark. Watch your local Venue 🙂

Right below you can hear the song the guys of Humørekspressen will be performing this Saturday, ‘Dronning af baren’:
The lyrics video for ‘Dronning af baren’, which will be performed as #6 in Herning coming Saturday!

Thanks for doing this interview with us, guys, and good luck this Saturday!

If you’re very charmed by Humørekspressen and their song, make your voice heard in our poll!

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