Ivana Vladović:”Our performance will be genuine and simply powerful.”

Ivana Vladović is a singer from Belgrade known for “angelic voice of the demonic strength” as some people describe her singing. She has been performing in Belgrade and she was also cooperating with famous Serbian singer Saša Kovačević. She will be joined by Wonder Strings while performing the song “Moja bol” as 11th act of the 1st Semifinal of Beovizija 2019

Hi Ivana, it is a pleasure to have you here and it is great to see you at Beovizija . How would you describe your music style? Your first single “Magnet za ludake” was a modern power ballad and now we will hear you performing another wonderful ballad called “Moja bol” at Beovizija, do you enjoy singing ballads the most or you are working on some other songs?
Thank you, pleasure is all mine. I’m a pop singer, but I like soul, R’n’B, also R’n’R, so, my music style is a mix of all those styles. I feel comfortable singing ballads, because of emotion, and long notes that people say I sing the best, but I also love “hard” sound. I think that my next song will be powerful, groovy and danceable.

In one interview you mentioned that you would like to participate at Eurovision once was that something like your childhood dream or that wish came later on?
That wish came later on, I think that singer needs a lot of experience for Eurovision, so I don’t like when I see someone too young on this competition.

How did you began cooperating with Aleksandra Milutinović, Wonder Strings quartet and Aleksandar Radulović?
Aleksandra is a good friend of mine, and a very talented person, actually she called me with a song and she told me that Wonderstring would like voice such as mine, and I was happy, because they are  confident and talented people, and I also liked the song very much, from the beginning.

What does the song “Moja bol” represent for you? Is there any special meaning behind it?
When I sing that song, I think of a person that I lost, that I miss a lot, and which I loved very much, and that’s not ex boyfriend. This song bears the unforgetable pain, that we all have in our hearts.

Some people compare the song to acts of Beovizija 2004 or 2005 such as “Jutro” do you have the feeling that the comparison is right?
I like  song  “Jutro” ,  Jelena also, so I don’t feel bad about hat, but  I think they are different, I would not compare them.

Is there any Eurovision/International artist which inspires you or whose success you would like to achieve?A
Actually, I don’t know how successful were they in their countries before and after Eurovision, I suppose they are all pushed forward after the contest. But I like Loreen, Helena Paparizou, and Mans.

Do you watch the contest regularly and which Eurovision entry is your favourite?
I like watching Eurovision. I like these three that I mentioned, and I would also add Wigwam.

If chosen will “Moja bol” be performed in Serbian or English language?If we win “Moja bol” will be performed in Serbian, but we will make English, and maybe a French version too.

Can you reveal us something about your performance?
Our performance will be genuine and simply powerful.

What are your plans for the future?
If we win, our plan is to do our best at Eurovision.  Anyway, we’re going to make a video of the song, and we will be performing together, and I am planning to do one more single and a lot of performances this year.

Is there something you would like to say to readers of escbubble?Everyone, please, join us on 27th of February, at the 1st semifinal, and enjoy our music and performance. We are ready to entertain you. Kisses from Belgrade. 

Listen to the song “Moja Bol” performed by Wonder Strings and Ivana Vladović below

Wonder Strings and Ivana Vladović – Moja Bol

What do you think of the song? 
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