John Lundvik: ”I promise you will see a grown man cry tears of happiness!”

Last year John Lundvik did sensational by qualifying from the first heat of Melodifestivalen directly to the final in Friends Arena!
With his ballad ‘My Turn’ he finished as high as third in the final.

This year he’s back and will have people on the edge of their seats until the end as John’s performance is the very last we’ll see out of all 28 entries this year.
With ‘Too Late for Love’ he’ll be the closer of Melodifestivalen 2019!

In his busy schedule, John has found the time to talk to us about his success last year, what his life has been like since, what’s behind the title of his song ‘Too Late for Love’ and what it would mean to him to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest!

Hej John! Thanks for making the time to do an interview with us and congrats on being chosen to compete in Melodifestivalen for the second year in a row!
What made you decide to give it another go this year?

Me, Anders Wrethov and Andreas Stone started to jump around like kids in the studio when we played it back after we’ve recorded a few lines in the first demo.
Being in the competition felt so meant to be in the making of my song “Too late for love”. Again my heart said yes. So I know it’s the right thing to compete again this year! 

We all saw your reaction to qualifying directly to the final with ‘My Turn’ last year. Could you take us back to that moment? How did you feel back then?

Last year John was the big sensation from deltävling 1 in Melodifestivalen when he qualified to the final directly, finishing on the podium (3rd) in the final!

Last year my dream came true. The dream of being recognized as an artist. That moment also proved to me that if it feels right in my heart it’s the right thing to do.

Did your life change since doing so incredibly well in Melodifestivalen? And if so, in what way?

My life is quite the same today as it was before Melodifestivalen 2018. But one significant change is the demand for bookings and all the touring I’ve happily been doing in 2018. 

Can you tell us what your song ‘Too Late for Love’ is about?

The title “Too late for love” is the opposite of what the song is about. The song is about to encourage the listener that it’s never too late for love whatever happens in life. Love conquers all! 

Can you reveal anything about your staging yet?

The only thing I can reveal right now is that I will be on stage singing from the bottom of my heart..

In case you do even better this time and win Melodifestivalen, how do you think you would react? And what would it mean to you to represent your country at Eurovision?

Speaking about winning: here John can be seen sharing a moment with last year’s winner Benjamin Ingrosso. They were the two direct finalists from their heat!
(Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT)

Just reading this question makes me smile, blush and gives me the goosebumps at the same time…
Winning and being the artist who will represent my country Sweden in ESC is a scenario that only exists in my dreams.
IF the Swedish people vote for me and wants that too be a reality. I promise you will see a grown man cry tears of happiness. But the most important thing for me and my team is too enjoy the moment and appreciate the fact that I’ve been chosen to be one of the 27 artists too compete in the biggest music competition in Sweden: Melodifestivalen. 

Have you got any plans for after Melodifestivalen to share with us?

At this moment I have all my focus on the performance 23 Feb in Lidköping. It’s my turn to be closing Melodifestivalen this year with “Too late for love”. With start number 28 which is the last song in the competition. 

John will be performing as #7 in the upcoming fourth heat, the very last entry to be revealed in full, when we finally get to hear and see ‘Too Late for Love’!
Many thanks for having this interview with us, John, and the best of luck this Saturday!

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