Lumevärv ft. INGA: ‘It’s one of the best platforms to introduce new music!’

Tonight sees the second semi-final of the Estonian selection process “Eesti Laul” and we have spent this week chatting with some of the artists who are competing to be one of the 6 who will be chosen to proceed to the Final which will be held on February 16th.

We have the absolute pleasure to bring to you today our interview with Lumevärv, the brainchild of music producers Margus Piik and Kermo Hert, who we were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with

Welcome to Eesti Laul Lumevärv who, along with singer Inga, have the absolute bop of “Milline Päev” (“What A Day”) in this years Estonian selection. Margus/Kermo – you have been working together since the summer, what inspired you to enter Eesti Laul 2019?

Yes, we started working together last summer and we chose Eesti Laul because in Estonia, Eesti Laul is actually one of the best platforms to introduce new acts. So its logical thing to do if you are somehow involved in Estonian pop music. Actually in past the were lots of different styles represented in Eesti Laul, this year is more focused on pop music

Am I right in thinking that Inga is Inga Tislar, of the La La Ladies who we last saw at Eesti Laul in 2016? How did this collaboration come about?

Yes, Inga is member of La La Ladies and as we were looking for lead singer Kermo contacted her and she was happy to try 🙂

I see that the lyrics of “Milline Paev” have been written by Jana Hallas, is that the very same Jana Hallas who co-wrote “Once in a Lifetime” for Ines in 2000 and “Runaway” for Sahlene in 2002 amongst others?

Jana has definitely the biggest experience in our team regarding Eurovision. She is amazing, it took her only 2 days to write the lyrics and they are really good and positive, exactly what the song needed. And also when she started we had 2 days until deadline 🙂 Luckily it all turned out great.

The video shows Inga giving a terrific fun performance on the rooftops of Tallinn – will we be seeing yourselves on the Eesti Laul stage?

Unfortunately you will not see Margus or Kermo on the stage as we plan to get to the finals and we aren’t much good at dancing, so we don’t want to spoil everything 😀

What plans do you have for after Eesti Laul? As a new project I bet you’ve got some fantastic things waiting!

We are constantly producing new stuff and can’t wait when we can release it. So stay tuned to our Youtube channel
We have also released a new version of Milline Päev in our channel with more than 80 children from ETV ja Vocal spirit childrens choir. Check it out, we think it is awesome what those kids added to the tune 🙂

Well, we couldn’t not show you the new version of “Milline Päev” after such comments, so here it is!

Of course the original is still available, and you can listen to it on Spotify here

Who do you want to see qualify from the second semi final? Vote in our polls! And stay with us here on ESCBubble as we live blog tonights show and we will have a team on the ground at the Grand Final at the Saku Suurhall in Tallinn on February 16th, bringing you exclusive content!

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