Saška Janks: “I will share the stage with Ivan Mileusnić, one of the best dancers in the region”

Aleksandra Janković professionally known as Saška Janks (Sashka Janx) is a popular Serbian singer and songwriter. She isn’t a stranger to the Eurovision stage as she has been back vocalist for Serbian entries in 2010, 2011 and 2015, she has participated in musical talent show called “Prvi glas Srbije” and even Jennifer Hudson praised her vocals and intepretation. ESCBubble had opportunity to interview Saška before her participation at this year’s Beovizija you can read the interview below.

Hi Saška, it is a pleasure to have you here at ESCBubble and it is great to see you at Beovizija for the 4th time. In your previous participation you presented us three lovely ballads – “Nauči me”, “Duga u mojim očima” and “Pesma za tebe” which finished 2nd last year. Is it time for a victory?

Pleasure is, also, mine. Thank you! Well, I guess so, but God only knows that. I would be super happy, for sure. After a few ballads (from which I wrote only “Pesma za tebe”)  I wanted to present myself with a faster song, also pop-soul-Balkan fusion as everything I write for me. People like hearing slower songs from me, also emotional ones, but I think it’s time to show that I love faster songs, and ones with a vibe of a world pop.

What has changed for you since the performance of “Pesma za tebe” last year?

Few things… I had a new single,  a lot of perfomances here and abroad, and 5 new upcoming videos for my previous songs – one of them for “Pesma za tebe”. We already released one – it is an acoustic version of my hit single from 2013 “Ono kad” the music was written by Vladimir Graić, the composer of “Molitva”. And we wrote lyrics together. This new version is very cute and light.

What makes you to participate over and over again? I suppose that the reason is not “thirst” for Eurovision because you already participated 3 times as a backing vocalist for “Ovo je Balkan” in 2010; “Čaroban” in 2011 and “Beauty Never Lies” in 2015. How were those experiences for you?

These 3 were amazing experiences, and I learned a lot about Eurovision.  As I always wanted to go as a solo artist, that is the main reason for being at National selection this year. The second reason is, that I wanted to finally go as an author, not only singer/performer; that happened last year for the first time, and it went super well, so I guess knowing that fans support me so much and having the great song in my hands is the final reason.

Is there any Eurovision/International artist which inspires you or whose success you would like to achieve?

Yeah, there are many, not only in music industry. Lady Gaga is one of them, Beyonce also. And from producers and composers, Quincy Jones, Jamie Iovine, Dr.Dre and so on… But the lady I like the most since I was a kid, as a singer/songwriter, is Carole King. She is a living legend worldwide.

What is your favourite Eurovision related memory?

Oh, hard to decide, but in 2011 in Dusseldorf, at the Russian Pre-ESC party I jumped on stage with a bunch of super-talented black men from USA (they performed as guests on Eurovision stage as percussion orchestra). I started to dance in front of them, but then everyone on stage and off stage (audience) starting to follow my lead. That was super fun!

What was your inspiration to write “Da li čuješ moj glas” and what is the message behind it?

In English, the song is called “Core & Frame”, and the message behind the song remains same as in Serbian version – it talks about love which lies within ourselves, inside each of us, how we all are really the same because God and parents gave us life to live, to be happy, to celebrate that we are alive.  It also talks about fight with myself, going through fear and pain so I can except everything that I was going through with which many people can relate to in every day’s struggle. It is dedicated to my parents who passed away young, but after many years of self growth, I can finally feel them everywhere… Because, all of us – we are our parents. And their parents, and ones before them. They all had to win among many cells to gain life and then gave life to everyone who led to us now. And, I m very grateful for that, to all of them.

If chosen will you perform the song in Serbian or like you planned with “Pesma za tebe” last year you would like to perform it in English language?

Well, let’s do Beovizija first. I can just say that for me, from the angle of producer song sounds even better in English because everyone can relate. The part “za tebe babo, za tebe mamo” will of course stay in native language. So, it sounds more exotic. But, first things first, Beovizija!

Can you reveal us something about your performance?

Only that I will share the stage with Ivan Mileusnić, one of the best dancers in the region and artist who I admire deeply. He is also in charge of choreography. But, that is not all, you’ll see when you tune in on 27th of February at RTS from 21h

What are your plans for the future?

There are many, I’ll just say, a lot of new songs and material!

Is there something you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you very much for the support and Love, I am super thankful for all of this, and you are the main reason I do it and how I do it!

Listen to Saška’s song “Da li čuješ moj glas” below

Saška Janx – Da li čuješ moj glas

What do you think of the song?
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