Sofija Perić:”Recognition of my talent by a musical editor lead me to cooperation with Vladimir Graić”

Sofija Perić is a girl from Požarevac who is known to Serbian audience through her participation in the music show Pinkove Zvezdice” five years ago, and now she is trying to win a spot at Eurovision singing the song written by Vladimir Graić, the author of Molitva, and Snežana Vukomanović . Read her impressions regarding her participation at Beovizija 2019.

Hi Sofija , it is great to have you here at escbubble and of course, it is nice to see you participating at Beovizija 2019.  You have experienced performing at the great stage while taking part in the music show “Pinkove zvezdice” How was that for you?
Hi thanks for having me. The contest you mentioned had a very positive impact on me and it gave me the motivation to work hard, practice more and work in order to improve myself. The competition was five years ago and some memories fade but I will forever remember the good things which the show gave me and the great experience I had participating in it.

Have you considered participating at Junior Eurovision Song Contest while you were younger or performing at the stage of Eurovision was the dream you had?
I thought about Junior Eurovision and had a wish to perform at the contest but it would be a bigger pleasure and greater opportunity to perform at Eurovision as it is also a great wish of mine.

How did you get the idea to apply for Beovizija 2019? Was there support from your family or the composers contacted you directly or something else happened?
I watch Eurovision since I am aware of myself, and while watching the show I always dreamt of representing Serbia at it. That’s where I got the idea to apply for Beovizija 2019 and to try to fulfil my wish. Thanks to my family and their great support I manage to grow and be better at everything I do. And regarding the cooperation and the song everything was spontaneous as I was invited to perform in a show “Balkanskom ulicom” and my talent was recognized by the musical editor and that’s how I got in touch with Vladimir Graić and the magic began.

What does the song “Aritmija” mean to you? Foreigners think that it is an upbeat song full of joy but is it really so?
The name of the song “Aritmija” stands for the irregular beat of the heart. Every heart has its special beat and the one in love has the most specific one.

Is there any Eurovision/International artist which inspires you or whose success you would like to achieve?
I am impressed with every Eurovision artist and the admiration is not just because of their song or performance it is because of their courage. A lot of them inspires me in order to overcome my biggest fears and be the best version of myself.

Do you watch the contest regularly and which Eurovision entry is your favourite?

I would lie if I said that I watch it regularly, it depends. I try to follow the show as much as I can.

If chosen will “Aritmija” be performed in Serbian or English language?

I would like to perform the song in Serbian language because it makes sense that was and I think that every song should be sung in the native language of the country which it represents, but it is still early to think about that, we will see what will happen.

Can you reveal us something about your performance? Will you be having dancers on the stage what will you wear?
The song I perform has an upbeat melody and tempo so it needs good choreography. You will see me in a completely different light, as I will have two great dancers and regarding the outfit I can not reveal too much so, I will just say that it will be full of glitter and shiny. Expect unexpected.

What are your plans for the future?
I don’t like to make plans so I just let time to show what will happen.

Is there something you would like to say to our readers?
Never forget that all of your dreams can become reality if you have the courage to follow them!

Listen to Sofija’s song “Aritmija” below

Sofija Perić – Aritmija

What do you think of the song? 
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