The Lovers of Valdaro: ‘We want to get everyone in a party mode!’

Today, we have the pleasure to present you an interview with The Lovers of Valdaro that will participate in the third semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2019 in Leksand.

Hello guys! Congratulations on being selected for Melodifestivalen 2019!

Starting with your name: The Lovers of Valdaro. Were the skeletons found in Italy in 2007 the inspiration for it and if yes why so?    

Yes! We saw this picture of the skeletons holding on to eachother and read about the story. At that point they couldn’t say what gender the skeletons had. For us the skeletons represent equal love. Equal love is also something we want to see all over the world and will always represent that view.

How would you describe your band and what are your musical influences?

2 cool guys that love and get inspired of the music from the 80’s. We get influences from bands and artists like Erasure, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Wham!, Madonna and Eurythmics .

You are participating in Melodifestivalen 2019 as the act chosen from the P4 Nästa talent show. Did you have a potential Melodifestivalen or Eurovision participation in mind when you were participating there?

Lost Forever – The Lovers of Valdaro P4 Nästa entry.

When we won the p4 regional finals in Stockholm and was selected as one of the 8 (out of 25 winners all over Sweden) in the ”grand finale” our goal was to be picked up for the Melodifestivalen. We knew we had something new and special and really tried to make our performance how we feel we want to be on stage with dancers and the feeling we can add to the songs on stage.

How would you describe your song “Somebody Wants”?

It’s an uptempo song and people will start dancing to it. It´s like a mix of our previous sound and our future sound but also with an awareness of this competition and the format it´s in. The message is that everyone have someone that loves you and wants to be with you. There is love for everyone.

You’ve worked together with Peter Boström and Thomas G:son on this song. Both of them have had big success in the competition in the past. Does that make you feel confident about your chances?

This collaboration for Melodifestivalen was something that could show the audience and our fans who we are and give us more of a ”hype”. We are two guys who know what we are doing, we have our goals and dreams and we want to come as far as possible in this competition.
But we would not have done this song if it wasn’t something we could relate to and are close to the music we write on our own. G:son and Boström were so nice about everything. They listened and we found a very good mix of all of us and we are very proud of this song for Mello 🙂

What can we expect from your stage performance?

We want to do a great performance that stands out and hopefully will be remembered. We want to get everyone in a party mode!

Moldova 2018 – My Lucky Day. Erik from The Lovers of Valdaro participated as a dancer

Erik, you have already participated in Eurovision as a dancer for Moldova last year. Admittedly one of the most creative performances we have seen on the Eurovision stage. How was that experience?

Thank you so much for liking that!
It really was a fun experience and it was very enthusiastic rehearsals with a lot of laughs! Also, some damages on peoples heads when we worked with the doors, haha. The team we had was amazing to work with. Very professional and hard working. That is something I love. Hard work pays off.

What are your expectations, are you in it to win it?

We are very competitive people. So yes, we always aim to win. We are dreamers and believers, but also realistic. You never know what’s going to happen in this competition. We just do our very best and dream for the best.

What is your favourite Eurovision and Melodifestivalen song of all time?

For both of us it’s Loreen – Euphoria. Everything about that performance and song was pure magic. When music and feelings are connected in the right way.

Do you have any message for the readers of ESC Bubble?

HEEEY everybody! We hope that we will meet you all in the future through our music and that you will enjoy The Lovers of Valdaro!
Without you guys we are nothing out there in the big world.
Love one another. Show respect, dream big and believe in yourself!

The Lovers of Valdaro will open the third semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2019, this Saturday the 16th of February.

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