A change in the results presentation for Eurovision 2019!

It had been rumoured before, but now it’s been confirmed on the official Eurovision website eurovision.tv.

In the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on their page, they answer the question to wether the 2019 voting system will change.
This is what they say:

Does the voting change for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest?

No, the actual voting does not change. However, there is a change in the presentation of the votes. The order in which the televoting results are revealed will now be determined by the ranking of the jury result. The announcement of the televoting results will start with the country receiving the fewest points from the juries and end with the country that received the highest points from the juries. The presenters shall announce the sum of points that each song has received from the votes of the televote across all participating countries.

So the order in which the televoting points will be announced, is that of the jury ranking.
The last place in the jury voting will get to know their amount of televotes first, then the country in 25th place and so on until the #1 country of the juries has been reached.

What that would’ve looked like for last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, you can see in this simulation:

The televoting results of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 with the presenting system of Eurovision 2019! (Video simulation courtesy of: Butsag YT)

What do you think of this change?
Will it makes the televoting results sequence more exciting?
Let us know in the comments below!

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