D’Sound: “Our song is about a guy named Charlie. He is different and because of that he was never popular as a child”

The Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix takes place tomorrow night in Oslo, where 10 acts are going to compete to represent Norway later this year in Tel Aviv at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. One of the 10 finalists is the band D’Sound, who we had a great pleasure to chat with, get to know them better, and find out more about their entry.

Hi guys! Congratulations on being chosen for Melodi Grand Prix! Can you tell us more about how you got chosen for the show?

We were asked if we would like to participate, and with a smile we went into the studio and created this warm and “good-vibe-feel” song. We played it at a meeting with NRK & Stig Karlsen and his team, and they loved it and told us that we would be one of the participants😍

What is your song about?

The song is about a guy named Charlie. He is different and good and because of that he was never popular in the childhood years. But he didn’t let that stop him from being strong and kind, and also felt alone in the world. The “I-person” in the song sees that and knows that she is in love with him. She knows that he is unique like a unicorn. He is her Mr Unicorn. And the one guy she have met that is brave enough to stand out and wise enough to keep his character through life.

How did Mirjam get chosen to replace Simone and how were things when you first met?

We had seen Mirjam on the Voice and we thought she had an amazing voice and charisma. She was also a very good songwriter so we felt very lucky that she wanted to join us.

What inspired you to write ‘Mr Unicorn’?

We had worked on a very cool instrumental with the producer Magnify and it was a super cool vibe in the studio. Mirjam came up with some dope melodies to the track and when the concept of Mr. Unicorn based upon her own experiences from early days the song just came naturally

What are your plans for Melodi Grand Prix?

To have been chosen to be part of Melodi Grand Prix is so amazing for us. We feel very honored and our plans is to make a super cool performance and show everyone that we are the right artist and have the right song to go to Israel. Our performance will both take you back in time and into the future!! I don’t think anyone have ever seen what we are gonna do!!

How are you going to stage your song?

Since we are a band we will of course bring our instruments and give u guys a party!! Mirjam used to be a dancer so she will do some really cool dancing moves and we will also bring in some dancers that will Join Magnify.

Who is helping you out with the choreography?

We have had great help from Mathias and the whole team from NRK from day one and we have have several rehearsals thats been really fun! Can’t wait to show you guys!!

Are you doing any other projects at the moment?

We are trying to make an album this spring, so we are in the studio a lot together to make more music. This will be a smashing album that we are proud of.

What’s been your favourite Norwegian song at the Eurovision?

“Fairytale” by Alexander Rybak. Er think it contains everything. A good melody, Norwegian outfits and dance, and violin and great vocals from Rybak.

What’s been your favourite song at the Eurovision?

It is actually “Fängat av en stormvind” with Carola! She is still amazing and that song was just brilliant altogether. Mirjam still sings this song when she is singing at weddings.

Thanks for talking to us guys and the best of luck in Melodi Grand Prix!

Give a listen to the entry of D’Sound – “Mr. Unicorn” right here:

If D’Sound are your personal favorites in Melodi Grand Prix, make sure you cast your vote for them in our poll here:

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