ESCBubble’s March Music Roundup

It’s been a crazy, busy National Final season and we now have all 41 entries for Eurovision 2019. So whilst we at ESCBubble have primarily been concentrating on bringing you all of the news of this years entries, we’re still working away to find you new releases from former Eurovision acts and those who took part in national selections. Let’s see what we’ve found in March so far!

Charlotte Perrelli & Dana International – Diva To Diva

Debuted at the Melodifestivalen 2019 final, this duet takes you to the peakest, campest Schlager moment we’ve seen or heard for a long, long time! Performed by two former Eurovision winners, Charlotte Perrelli and Dana International, we find our two divas singing over a hard Giorgio Moroder-esque beat to some really sparkling lyrics:

Love, love me like you do
Love like i love you
We’re lgb t q
Just the way you are
Wrinkles moles and scars
Darling twinkle like a star

Here is ‘Diva To Diva’:

Måns Zelmerlöw & Dotter – Walk With Me

Another Eurovision winner also debuted his new single at Melfest – 2015’s Måns Zelmerlöw returns with another act who debuted in the contest last year – Dotter. Her entry ‘Cry’ certainly carried much expectation into her semi final, however the Swedish public only voted it 6th and unfortunately it didn’t progress. Mãns meanwhile followed his victory with ‘Heroes’ by co-hosting the UK’s National Final ‘Eurovision: You Decide’ for the last two years.

Hovi Star – Silver Spoon

Hovi Star was Israel’s bright and often controversial artist at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and his entry ‘Made Of Stars’ went onto finish 14th in the Grand Final. Often found in conflict with the Dutch artist Douwe Bob, he certainly made the Contest that year memorable! His latest single is called ‘Silver Spoon’ and is about how he’s had to work hard to achieve his goals, rather than being born with a silver spoon in his mouth…

IMRI – Imrico

From one Israeli artist to another, IMRI followed Hovi into the Grand Final in 2017 with his uptempo number ‘I Feel Alive’. Now he’s back with a summery spanish language bop ‘Imrico’ which is bringing us some warm vibes nice and early this year! Imri of course provided backing vocals to both Nadav Guedj in 2015 and Hovi Star in 2016, and he will also be hosting the Madrid Pre Party this year:

Eleni Foureira – Triumph

2018 was definitely a triumph for Eleni Foureira! A second place at Eurovision 2019, a huge breakthrough in the Spanish charts and winning the ‘Best Pop Female’ category at the MAD TV awards.

Eleni told us this about ‘Triumph’:

It’s a great pleasure for me to be collaborating with Triumph lingerie on my new song. We initially wanted to make a song together but as the collaboration progressed and grew we decided to make this project about women’s empowerment. I went in the studio with Alex Leon and this song came out! For me “Triumph” is a song about embracing who you are and really just feeling yourself, feeling powerful and unique whatever you “identify” us!

You can read Eleni’s exclusive interview with ESCBubble’s Ahmad about Triumph here.

Cesar Sampson – Stone Cold

Cesar was really the big surprise at Eurovision 2018, storming the jury vote to finish 1st in their rankings and then finishing 3rd overall. His big epic gospel number ‘Nobody but You’ was a lot to live up to but he’s finally returned with ‘Stone Cold’ which mixes up his gospel sound with a more blues and rockier vibe. You can check it out below:

Ieva Zasimauskaitė – Aš Galiu Skrist

Written specifically about her husband, who of course joined her on stage at Eurovision 2018, ‘Aš Galiu Skrist’ (Eng: ‘I Can Fly’) is about a special, inspiring and motivating interrelation when even the greatest personal fears become foolish. And when you overcome them, you get a unique sense of internal flight. The video was shot on one of the most beautiful of the Canary Island – Fuerteventura. Bright, optimistic images tell the story of how she overcame her greatest fears: water and height:

Elina Nechayeva – La voice dell’alba

Another 2018 returnee with her first single since the contest, Elina soared high in the Grand Final taking Estonia into 8th place with ‘La forza’. She debuted her new song ‘La voice dell’alba’ (Eng: ‘The Voice of Dawn’) with an inredible chilling performance at the Eesti Laul 2019 final a few weeks ago. You can also see a video clip of it in Elina’s Instagram post below!

Sarah Dawn Finer and Eric Saade – Ljuset

Another song that was debuted at this year’s Melodifestivalen, ‘Ljuset’ (Eng: ‘Light’) was a duet between two of the hosts – 2011 winner Eric Saade (3rd at Eurovision with ‘Popular’) and Sarah Dawn Finer (MF 2007: 4th. MF 2009: 6th). ‘Ljuset’ was performed as the interval during the 4th semifinal in Lidköping. All proceeds from the release will go to Radiohjälpen, the charity you often see on SVT, so get buying and streaming for a good cause!

Getter Jaani – Vōta Mul Käest 

Another former Estonian national final winner also returned to debut her new single at this year’s Eesti Laul. Getter Jaani took us down the ‘Rockefeller Street’ back in 2011 where she reached the Grand Final finishing in 24th and now she’s back with ‘Vōta Mul Käest’ (Eng: ‘Get Me Out’). Interestingly Getter beat a group in the superfinal of Eesti Laul called Outloudz who featured a young Stig Rästa and also a certain new head of Eesti Laul – Tomi Rahula!

Anyway, check out Getter’s live performance from Eesti Laul here:

Tayanna – Як плакала вона

Tayanna has been the bridesmaid at the Ukrainian selection show Vidbir twice, losing out on a tiebreaker in 2017 with ‘I Love You’ and by 1 point in 2018 with ‘Lelya’. She was initially selected for this years Vidbir with the song ‘Очі’ (Eng: ‘Eyes’) but withdrew just before the competition. She now releases ‘Як плакала вона’ (Eng: ‘How She Cried’) as her next single:

And Finally….

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