Betting Odds: France surges to 3rd place

In the latest round of Betting, France have surged from 12th to 3rd favourites to win in the Betting odds.

The countries odds of winning have climbed ever since Bilal first revealed the staging featuring his two backing dancers who’ve helped embody the song’s message of empowerment.

In other news Sweden have gone up from 5th place to 2nd and Australia have gone up from 11th to 9th place,whilst The Netherlands have weakened their odds slightly to 21%, but are still the favourites to win.

The odds are now as follows, comparing results from 7th May:

  1. Netherlands – 21% (Down from 25% on 7/5/19)
  2. Sweden – 15% (Up from 5th place)
  3. France – 12% (Up from 12th place)
  4. Russia – 9% (Down from 2nd place)
  5. Azerbaijan – 7% (Down from 4th place)
  6. Italy – 5% (Down from 3rd place)
  7. Malta – 4% (Up from 3%)
  8. Switzerland – 4% (Down from 6th place)
  9. Australia – 4% (Up from 11th place)
  10. Iceland – 3% (Down from 8th place)

You can see a clip of Bilal’s 2nd rehearsal below:

What do you think of the odds? Are there any countries raking that you agree/disagree with? Let us know in the comments section below!

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