Stig Rästa raises € 4600 for a little girl in need!

Stig Rästa, known to Eurovision fans for representing his country Estonia in 2015 in duet with Elina Born on ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’ and being the composer behind ‘Play’ (Estonia 2016) and ‘Storm’ (Estonia 2019) as well as many other Eesti Laul entries, has taken action to help a child in need!

Little Annabel, who is just three months old, is suffering from a rare disease for which she needs herbal treatment. That treatment however costs over two million euros.
That’s why Stig Rästa took to Facebook to announce he would be putting ”himself” up for auction, meaning he will give a personal concert to the highest bidder!

At the start of the project Stig announced:

There are many people in need!
In this case: a little girl, who still lacks too much, needs help.
Because of this, I will put myself up for auction.
I’ll come to wherever in Estonia and on a date that fits both of us. Put your amount in the comments, and we’ll give the money to Annabel.

Stig opened the auction with a € 300 bid of his own and at the close on Sunday, the highest bidder was Kalev Rabi, who put in ten times the amount Stig himself had promised: € 3000!

Mr. Rästa himself feels elated and exclains: ”The real heroes are you guys!”

On top of the raised € 3000, Stig has been in talks with the NGO Laste Aeg (Children’s Time) and kindergarten Väike Päike who pledged an additional € 1600, so Stig will be travelling to them to perform as well!

Stig is however not the only musician in Estonia who has sprung into action!
Mick Pedaja, Daniel Levi (€ 1500), Stig’s band Traffic (€ 3000) and the group NOËP (a highest bid of € 3200) are also stepping in!

Stig takes his hat off to everyone contributing, but we take our hat off to the Estonian musicians and citizens trying to help those in need!

In 2015 Stig Rästa and Elina Born reached 7th place for Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest with ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’:

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