Listen Now: Brand New Music From Your Favourite Eurovision Stars

There’s never a quiet week in Europe when it comes to new music releases and this week is no different as we check out some of the hottest new tracks to drop over the past two weeks! Check out what we have to say about each of the songs and don’t forget to give a listen to the Spotify & YouTube playlists that we create for all your listening and watching needs!

Lena & Nico Santos – Better (Germany 2010/2011)

Eurovision legend Lena has had one of the most successful post-Eurovision careers across Europe since her win in 2010. For her latest offering, she’s teamed up with singer-songwriter Nico Santos for ‘Better’. The punchy, up-tempo pop duet is all about love after it goes sour and moving on – telling the antagonist to leave and find somebody better. We can definitely all relate to this foot-tapper! You can check the lyric video out below too.

Cascada – Like The Way I Do (Germany 2013)

One of Germany’s biggest global exports in the past two decades has been dance-act Cascada with some huge hits such as ‘Everytime We Touch‘, ‘Evacuate The Dancefloor‘ and ‘What Hurts The Most‘. Of course, Cascada represented Germany in 2013 with ‘Glorious‘ and new song ‘Like The Way I Do’ is testimony that they can still deliver the bangers! A great dance track, it has all the right beats to have us up and on our feet in a club. Cascada is back with a bang!

Edyta Górniak & Gromee – Król (Poland 1994/2018)

In this weeks dose of Eurovision collaboration that we never knew we needed are Polish aritsts Edyta Górniak (1994) and Gromee (2018) who have teamed up for ‘Król’. Gromee once again serves us the slick beats that we’ve come to expect and Edyta – Poland’s debut act who still keeps the record for Poland’s best placing with her second-place finish – brings some exciting vocals, her voice working so well with this time of song.

Michael Schulte – All I Need (Germany 2018)

Michael touched all of our hearts with his emotional Eurovision 2018 performance, and his latest release ‘All I Need’ is an equally inspiring mid-tempo pop song. From the sounds of the song, Michael Schulte is living his best life and the lyrics should be enough to make us all want to make amazing memories! “All my life, I’ve been chasing down a dream, But all the moments in between, Yeah that is all I need.”

Samir & Viktor – Kemi (Sweden NF 2015/2016/2018)

Samir & Viktor are back! Our two favourite Swedish party-boys are back with ‘Kemi’, another Swedish party anthem which will definitely be sliding in to our playlists. Proving that a love song doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, ‘Kemi’ [meaning ‘Chemistry‘] speaks of Samir’s new love and the joy it is bringing. Fingers crossed for a return to Melodifestivalen soon for these two.

Isaura – O Teu Nome Ainda Cabe No Meu (Portugal 2018)

Isaura shot to prominence last year when her amazing composition ‘O jardim’ won the Portuguese national selection and she went on to represent her country at Portugal’s first ever hosted contest alongside Claudia Pascoal. Translating as ‘Your Name Still Fits Mine‘, Isaura’s lyrics empower the beauty of her vocals in a way that needs no knowledge of Portuguese to feel.

Eldar – Rising Up (Azerbaijan 2012)

One half of Azerbaijan’s 2012 winning debut, Eldar Qasimov has released his next pop track ‘Rising Up’. Speaking of his track, Eldar says, “‘Rising Up’ is about how you take control of your life again, after being let down and broken.” You can check out the full article, and a link to the music video, in our previously posted article here.

B-OK ft. Roxie & Kristian Kostov – Live It Up (Bulgaria 2017/Poland JESC 2018)

In another unexpected Eurovision collaboration, Bulgaria’s best ever placing Kristian Kostov (second in 2017) has teamed up with last years Polish winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Roxie for this remixed version of ‘Live It Up’. The remix has been compiled by producer B-OK and is a bop!

Elina Born – Kordumatu (Estonia 2015)

There’s just something incredibly beautiful about the Estonian language and when it is put in to song, it’s even more captivating. One of Estonia’s biggest names at the moment in the music industry is Elina Born, and she has once again released a stunning melodic-pop song ‘Kordumatu’. Elina sounds angelic throughout the soft-natured song.

Juliana Pasha – Yll i rralle (Albania 2010)

Festival i Këngës can tend to churn out very serious entries for Eurovision, however in 2010 the uptempo pop bop ‘It’s All About You’ was the winning song for Juliana Pasha. The song proved to be one that could pass the semi final test and finished 6th in Semi Final 1, she eventually end up 16th in the Grand Final. Here is her new single ‘Yll i rralle’ (Eng: ‘Rare Star’):

Dotter – I Do (Sweden NF 2018)

Dotter was a fan favourite in last years Melodifestivalen however ‘Cry’ was a shock non-qualifier. Since then she’s released a multitude of original music, and ‘I Do’ is the next quirky release. Her unique voice coupled with the perfect Scandinavian production means that once again she is on to a winner.

Lozano – Ne Te Vadam Od Pamet (North Macedonia 2013)

Lozano is very much back on the scene and ‘Ne Te Vadam Od Pamet’ is the fantastic new release, following on from ‘Kilometri‘. The Balkan ballad has beautiful instrumentation and Lozano’s voice is as strong as it was when he represented Macedonia back in 2013. If you’re a fan of big vocals and Balkan ballads then you will definitely love this.

Aly Ryan, Doobie – We’re A Fuckin Mess (Germany NF 2019)

German singer Aly Ryan picked up a huge following after the iconic ‘Wear Your Love’ competed in this years German National Final. She’s bringing out new music and her latest release is ‘We’re A Fuckin Mess’ – a collaboration with rapper Doobie. Aly seems to have found her lane in the music industry and this is very much in line with the artistry we’ve seen before. We predict she could have a very successful future and of course would love for her to come back to Eurovision.

Arvingarna – I morgon (Sweden 1993)

Arvingarna have had a successful return to prominence over the last year, 26 years since representing Sweden at Eurovision. Last year, lead singer Casper Janebrink won Stjärnornas stjärna 2018 which pitted successful artists against one another covering different genre’s of music. This year, they reappeared in Melodifestivalen and their song ‘I Do‘ qualified for the final via Andra Chansen. ‘I morgon’ is similar in a sense, an addictive, catchy tune coupled with cheesy fun.

Donny Montell – Man Patinka (Lithuania 2012/2016)

Lithuanian star Donny Montell has had two successful outings to the Eurovision Song Contest for his country, securing their best placement this decade in 2016 and also performing well in 2012. ‘Man Patinka’ (translated to ‘I Like’) is his latest offering, an up-tempo almost trance-like song with an electronic DnB backing. We can’t wait to hear whats next!

Hadise – Geliyorum Yanına (Turkey 2009)

Belgian-Turkish singer Hadise found her way to our hearts when she represented Turkey in 2009 with ‘Dum Tek Tek‘. Since then, she has continued to release tropical bangers and ‘Geliyorum Yanına’ is no exception. The song has a great party beat throughout and will definitely have you up and dancing.

Oscar Zia – Finns det nån (Sweden NF 2013/2014/2016)

Oscar Zia has competed three time at Melodifestivalen, each time doing better. In 2016, he came second to Frans in the final with ‘Human‘ and since then he has continued to release music, mostly in Swedish. Latest single ‘Finns det nån’ (‘Is There Anyone?‘) continues this trend, an emotional pop ballad.

Tara Mobee – ATYTA (Iceland NF 2019)

Tara Mobee qualified for the final of Söngvakeppnin 2019 and this is her follow-up single. ‘ATYTA’ – abbreviated for ‘All That You Talk About’ is a cute, up-tempo pop song which definitely has similarities to her Icelandic national final track.

Albin Johnsén – kaOss (Sweden NF 2016)

One half of 2016 Melodifestivalen duo Albin & Mattias – Albin Johnsén – has released an absolute banger! ‘kaOss’ (which we promise is not a cover of Raiven!) is a great dance-pop song which we could completely hear being on the Melodifestivalen stage!

Jeja, Lacy Jay – Mountains (Estonia NF 2016/2019)

Lacy Jay was a competitor at Eesti Laul 2019, where her soulful song ‘Halleluja’ competed in the second semi final. She missed out on qualifying in the first round finishing 6th (only the top 5 from Round 1 advanced) and then missed out by just 275 votes in the second round where she finished 3rd of the remaining entrants (just the top 2 from Round 2 qualified).

Here she teams up with one of the composers of ‘Halleluja’ – Ago Teppand, who now goes by the name ‘Jéja’. Ago is no stranger to Eesti Laul having written twice for Iiris – ‘Astronaut’ (4th, 2010) and ‘Drop That Boogie’ (5th, 2018). He was also a member of the memorable group Cartoon, whose ‘Immortality’ finished 3rd in 2016. In addition he was a composer of the 2017 entry by Daniel Levi titled ‘All I Need’ which reached 9th place.

O.Torvald – Десь не тут (Ukraine 2017)

Next we’re off to Ukraine and the 2017 rock band who represented them that year – O.Torvald. The five piece were formed in 2005 in Poltava but the band could only finish 24th with ‘Time’ however they are finally back releasing new music. ‘Десь не тут’ translates to ‘Not Here’ and you can listen to it below:

So there we have it … so much new music for you to digest! We’ll be back later on in the week with even more new releases and all of the hottest new music from our favourite Eurovision artists!

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