Dubio: “We want to take the Portuguese by surprise”

Festival da Canção will once again be organized by RTP in order to find the Portuguese entry for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. The majority of the composers competing were invited by the national broadcaster, whilst they also had an open call for songs, where one additional act was being selected for the show – and this was Dubio.

Dubio will perform on February 29th, in the 2nd semi final of the Festival da Canção along with the band +351. We spoke to them ahead of the festival, and so you can get to know these guys a bit better in this interview here:

Hi guys! Thank you for taking your time out to talk to us. For the beginning, can you tell more about how the Dubio project was born?

The “Dubio” project was created in August 2019, after some time of reflection between us (Rui and Pedro). In addition to this project, we also have the “Kingdom of Noise” that has been working for 5 years, but it requires the need to segment our audience, since while producing music, we like to display various shapes and we think that to do correctly we cannot restrict just some music genres. However, releasing a number of songs in different musical styles under the same stage name would confuse our audiences, so after some discussion we decided to pursue the idea of ​​creating a new pseudonym for commercial radio and television music. Keep our “Noise Kingdom” in the same position, that is, for electronic music festivals.

Where did the idea of ​​competing for the FC (Festival da Canção) came from?

Since we are kids, Pedro, Rui and his brother Hugo (member of the band +351) we usually watch Eurovision, and we always wanted to step that stage one day. With the appearance of the free submission wave created by RTP, we tried in 2017 to enter the contest with a song under our other pseudonym “Noise Kingdom”, but with no effect. However, in May of this year, the idea of ​​applying again came up. Initially it would be with another song, but, by chance, the collaboration we had with another artist didn’t happen and during the summer we developed another instrumental in which we saw more potential. So, Rui approached his brother Hugo to find out if he was interested in taking the work and participating in the RTP contest with us so, after hearing the song, decided to immediately work on the lyrics and melody of the vocal.

What is your expectation for Festival da Canção?

We are of the opinion that it will be a memorable day for both of us and +351 members. We want to take the opportunity to show our work and get to know the other artists and the RTP team better.

Will the song be performed in English or Portuguese?

This will be our first song in Portuguese.

Do you already have some ideas about your stage performance?

Yes, we are still refining the ideas, but we are very excited about the image we projected. Soon we will be meeting with our team to begin preparations for the second semifinal.

If you win FC, do you think you can win Eurovision in Rotterdam?

We believe in our song. We don’t want to speculate too much, but if we are selected to represent Portugal, we will do with pride.

What is your favorite Eurovision country / participant?

The answer varies from year to year 😂 We like music, it has no nationality.

Can you give us any clues about how everything will be in FC?

No. We want to take the Portuguese by surprise.

What message would you like to leave to ESCBubble readers?

First, thank you for reading this interview 🙂 And second, keep an eye on us because we want to present something special.

Thank you very much guys for your time, and we wish you the best of luck in FC!

To keep up to date with the guys of Dubio, make sure you follow their official Facebook page. And whilst we are awaiting their entry in Festival da Canção, give a listen to one of the songs of their second project – Noise Kingdom:

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