More Supernova details revealed!

It’s no secret that one of our favourite national finals here at ESCBubble is the Latvian selection “Supernova” and we were therefore excited today to find out a few more details of the 2020 shows, and what we can expect!

As we previously reported, 126 songs were submitted to LTV, the Latvian broadcaster, and it has been revealed today that 28 have been shortlisted to go through to the “auditions round”

The organisers have revealed, via their Facebook page, that the songs were initially listened to without knowing any details about the singers or the songwriters and so it was purely the finished product that determined whether they would progress. A panel of 18 made the final decisions.

So what can we expect next? Only a few details have been reported at this stage, that at the beginning of January we will be able to listen to, and participate in, the selection via their YouTube channel.

We can make some assumptions though, looking at how it worked in their 2019 shows, where the songs chosen to audition in front of a panel were whittled down by a public vote to 16 songs. These 16 competed in two shows of 8 songs, from which the top 4 qualified for their grand final.

The Final of Supernova is set to take place in the Latvian capital of Riga on February 8th, so when the songs are revealed in audition form, we will have around a month before the winner is announced, and will become the Latvian entry for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest!

Stay with us here at ESCBubble as we bring you all the news and details of Supernova, we will of course be at the final to blog live from the studio, we wouldn’t miss it for the world 🙂

Whilst we wait for the songs to be revealed, we will take a look back at last year’s second place entry in Supernova, Markus Riva with “You Make Me So Crazy”

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