Joci Pápai writes an open letter to ByeAlex over his new song: “How can you say that?”

ByeAlex represented Hungary in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Kedvesem”, and sang his way to the top 10 in Malmö. For a couple of years he has been one of the judges in the Hungarian version of X Factor, and he doesn’t want to be related to Eurovision whatsoever. Only a couple of days ago, he released a brand new song titled “Merülök” for which he wrote the lyrics himself. The video clip is seen by over 1 million people on Youtube already, but the song also sparked criticism over its lyrics, the first line of it being – “I’m so very high”.

Another Hungarian Eurovision star Joci Pápai who represented Hungary in 2017 with “Origo” and last year in Tel Aviv with “Az én apám” wrote an open letter to ByeAlex regarding the lyrics of “Merülök”. As a father of a 15 year old girl and a 9 year old boy, Joci found the lyrics not suitable at all for the generations that follow, and look up to Alex, in between others, his own children.

We’re translating the entire letter Joci wrote to Alex on his official Facebook page:

Dear ByeAlex,

I don’t usually intervene in other people’s business or condemn anyone for their work. I may have never done this before, but I can’t go without saying anything about a message from your new song. Of course, knowing how much influence you have on today’s youth – they follow you as a role model and ‘drink’ your words, which I think may not come as a surprise to you, as you sit in a jury of a huge TV production for x many times, and you have hundreds of thousands of followers on social platforms … and you have no idea how much damage you are doing, though you are a very responsible person.

Personally, my 9-year-old son and my 15-year-old daughter both love your work, your persona, and they follow you. They were just listening to you, listening to your new song as I entered the room and was shocked to hear you sing “I’m so very high” in the very first line.

Alex, how could you say that ???

Because having young kids sing this is one thing, but being a mature man … just doesn’t fit in my head …

This is an indescribably great destruction. I think you can’t afford that, at least from the position you are in. How come no one in your environment tells you anything about it???

I don’t want to look like a holy person at all. I think we all go our own way, but we always try to improve, and learn from our mistakes. Whatever it was, life always pushed us to show the innocent and inexperienced youth to lead the way and hope, and set a good example.

A man of normal values, who is no longer callow, needs to know that we no longer want to make things such as drugs and other substances trendy towards today’s youth. We know how destructive it can be to the lives of a mature adult, let alone a child.

It is all deeply outrageous and saddening that you to use the success you have received from life into this direction.

I would rather ask you dear Alex to come with me to those poor and disadvantaged youth who, 50 out of 100, have lifelong traces on their forearms. 90% of them are under the age of 16, of whom approx. 80% have tried drugs. Most of these are your followers as well. Come with me and feel those scars too … when you feel the painful wounds with your fingertips!!! Perhaps you will then understand what you are encouraging the children to do, even if you only intend to use your lyrics as a metaphor. Come and feel, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

If I could ask you for something, I’d ask you to try and make it cool to say what it is like when you grow up without trying any drugs. And when even though your life is hopeless, you will not touch any narcotic.

If you are taking drugs, as you say in the song, do it in a way that you would not put it in the thoughts of young people, or make them believe that it is trendy, or the cool thing to do. Please do not drag innocent children with you!

Please think about it. Believe me, this is a very important thing! You have this responsibility, and unfortunately, you are not using it properly.

One thing is for sure, my kids aren’t listening to ByeAlex now. The message is dangerous.

I wish you a lot of success!

Kedves ByeAlexNem szokásom beleszólni mások dolgába és pálcát törni más emberek felett. Talán még ezt soha nem tettem…

Geplaatst door Pápai Joci op Vrijdag 31 januari 2020
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