Miks Dukurs – ‘This Song Is Like One Of The Vows We All Know So Well’

Latvia’s representative for Rotterdam will be selected on 8th February and all this week we have been sharing the thoughts of all nine of the finalists who are competing for that honour.

Today our attention turns to Miks Dukurs, who is no stranger to Supernova. Having entered before, he returns this year with new music and a renewed confidence ahead of the live final. We chatted to Miks about his return to the competition, his new music, his love of live performances and much more.

Hi Miks, and thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Congratulations on making the final of Supernova!. You’re no stranger to the comptition, with this being your sixth attempt to win and represent Latvia at Eurovision. What made you decide to enter Supernova again this year?

‘When I was counting I got eight but who’s counting. I’m not a quitter, same as Markus and I think you should never stop trying, it’s the only way to fulfil your dreams. Of course, you should understand when it’s enough of trying but this year I think I got the song and there was no reason not to participate since singing is the only thing I’m doing and spring is usually very quiet for me.’ 

How did you find out the news about making the final? What was your first reaction when you heard?

‘It was quite unexpected cause last year I didn’t qualify for the final so I was surprised but happy!’ 

You’ve been busy in the last few months with the release of your new EP ‘You and I’ which features your Supernova entry ‘I’m Falling For You’ alongside four other new songs. How is that going and do you have any other projects lined up for 2020? 

‘Yes, my new EP I’m also trying to promote that too. It’s not doing great at the moment but I hope it will after I win Supernova! I’m joking of course. Am I? Anyway! I’m glad that thanks to Supernova “You And I” is getting more attention, I put a lot of work there and put my heart into it! Same was with the other EP I released last year – “Life”. I have lot’s of musical ideas in my head and I feel there’s gonna be a very interesting year for my listeners! Also, have some side projects and collaborations so stay tuned. I’m constantly making new music and this year will be no exception.’

You published an acoustic version of ‘I’m Falling For You’ on Facebook to ask fans if you should enter it into the competition (the answer was a very definite yes from all your fans!, but what if they had said no?), did you ever consider any of the other songs from the EP, or was this always going to be the song to enter into the competition?

‘I believe it’s a 50/50 thing. I felt that I can participate with song and that I would feel confident with the song on stage but if people don’t like it there’s no reason to go on stage. If they would say no I would skip this year.’ 

Can you tell us a little more about the song itself, what inspired you to write it, and what is the message of the song?

‘I wrote this song in the trunk of a car (Skoda Octavia 2010 to be more exact). Together with an old family friend, I was on my way to Germany to get a new car for my family (since we’re four now), we were driving whole night so we made a bed in the back of a car. Then the muse came to me and I did what I always do in moments like that – took out my phone and started to write it down. It was very natural. 

The story of this song is very personal (as all of my songs) cause me and my wife we were having a crisis in our relationship before I had to go. There’s not so much time to be just “us” at the time cause we have to raise our kids and they need us more than ever at the time. So it’s not that easy to find time to work on our relationship, every parent and a married couple should understand this. Anyway, I had my time to think in that trunk and I said: No! We will get through this cause we gave each other a promise when we got married that we will do this till the end… So this song is like one of the vows we all know so well.’ 

Who are your inspirations in music? are there any artists you particularly admire that have helped you to shape your own sound?

‘There are so many! At the time I’m listening Post Malone but there’s so much more going on at my Spotify every day! There are so much great artists out there! That sometimes I think there’s no reason to make more music but I just can’t stop. I have to let it out. Music is the way I let my soul speak since I’m not much of a talker. Also got my ticket to Dermot Kennedy’s UK show! Can’t wait to meet the guy! He’s a genius! And Limp Bizkit is coming to Latvia this in February! It’s nostalgic cause I was a kid when I was listening to them and hearing them live is like a dream come true. I like way too many kinds of music and styles! The most important rule is that it has to be good! Genre doesn’t matter that much.’ 

Over the last year, you’ve played several gigs in different settings. At festivals, in small intimate music venues, and in front of television cameras. What is your favourite setting to perform in? Will it feel different performing in Supernova with a TV audience, and how will you manage that?

‘I like small venues the most! Where you can get as close as possible with your audience. But also festivals! It’s a different vibe and can’t compete but it’s a good feeling when you’re in front of a huge audience and I all enjoy the time we spend together. Every set up the same as a music genre has it’s own beauty about it so I like it all! But I perform at wedding ceremonies more often! And I love it! It’s so nice to see how a new family is made and I a lucky man to witness it so many times over and over again. So much love! Put some of that in my song of course.’ 

In your Schedule this year you have performed alongside a number of acts who have represented Latvia at Eurovision. You performed with Brainstorm, and alongside acts such as Triana Parks and Intars Busulis. If you go on to represent Latvia, who would you approach first for advice?

‘Brainstorm is the best what we have! Definetly! And I’m not ashamed of that. They’re the best in so many ways! Not only music but it’s always so special to meet them and last summer I got the chance to get on stage with them which was perfect! Would be great to record a song together! One more thing on my bucket list.’ 

And finally, do you have any other message for our readers

‘Never stop believing in love! Give it a chance! Always! And take care of your family which is the most important thing in the world!’ 

Thank you Miks, good luck in the show!

A few days ago, Miks released the promo video for ‘I’m Falling For You’ which was filmed on the stunning beaches at Gauja National Park on the Baltic coast. You can watch it right here:

Who is your favourite to win Supernova and represent Latvia at Eurovision 2020?, you can vote in our poll below:

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