Seleste – ‘I was born in the year Latvia won Eurovision’

Latvia’s selection process for Eurovision 2020 will conclude with the final of Supernova on 8th February. The show will see the nine finalists compete for the Latvian ticket to Rotterdam, and as always, we will be there to bring you all the news!

Today we are kicking off a series of features and interviews with each of the nine shortlisted artists, with our first subject being Seleste, who will be opening the show with her self-penned song ‘Like Me’.

Seleste is Seleste Vlasova, a 17 year old from Riga, who studies at Riga school of culture. The final of Supernova sees a number of familiar names, but this is Seleste’s first time entering a competition like this. So you would be forgiven for not knowing much of Seleste right now, but that may all change in the future as she has strong ambitions. Seleste was kind enough to take some time to talk to us about her participation, and our interview is below:

Hi Seleste, firstly congratulations on being selected for the grand final.  How did you hear the news and what was your first reaction when you realised you would be performing in the final?

The news, that i’m selected for being in the finals, I heard from my producer, which was a shock for me, because i never, in a million years would  think of me being in the finals. ‘

I understand that this is the first song that you have written and released.  What inspired you to write ‘Like Me’ and can you explain the message within the song?

‘Yes, this is the first song i have ever written. My song is about caring less of what everybody else thinks about you, because i often care too much, so this song helps me and hopefully others to be more confident and care less about things, because the difference in you is  what attracts and you need to not be scared to be yourself.’

Why did you want to enter the song into this competition.  Supernova can be such a great platform for new artists to gain recognition at home, but is it also important to you to reach out to international audiences?

‘I entered this competition because, i wanted to be more open and confident and because Supernova is a great platform to gain recognition. It is very important to get recognition at home in Latvia, but it is nice to be known and liked in the different parts of world too, because that way you can learn about other cultures more.’

You’re a very creative person – I understand that in your spare time you like to sew and bake.  Where does your sense of creativity come from?

‘I’m the kind of person who gets very bored easily, that’s why i like to try new things all the time and gain a new skills. My creativity most likely comes from the boredom which is great.’

Who are your main influences in music?, what artists do you like to listen to?

‘I barely listen to 21st century artists, because the music doesn’t really speak to me, but my biggest influences are all the OG bands like the beatles, Queen, the rolling stones and other bands from 60s and 70s and i really enjoy listening to some soul and jazz music too, because it tells a story and brings you some unexpected emotions.’

The winner of Supernova will of course go on to represent Latvia at Eurovision.  Have you always been a fan of Eurovision and are there any particular songs from the contest that you really enjoyed.

I have never really watched eurovision and thats a shame, because it is great when all the nations of Europe come together and share their talents and love. But from everything i have heard my favorite artists have been Abba, Salvador Sobral, Aminata and Mikolas Josef.

You’re entering this competition at such a young age.  Being just 17, I assume that means you were born in 2002, the year of Latvia’s only ever Eurovision win.  What would it mean to the Latvian people if Latvia were to win the contest again?

‘That’s right, i was born just a few weeks before Marie N won Eurovision for Latvia, which most likely was a really big thing. If Latvia were ever to win again, it most likely would feel great for the people. Because so many people have tried but sadly failed, so this would be a great accomplishment for us.

Other than ‘Like Me’ do you have any other new songs in progress, and are there any other projects lined up for 2020, an ep or an album perhaps?

‘I am thinking about releasing a new single after the Supernova, but let’s see what 2020 will bring.

You can listen to Seleste’s audition with ‘Like Me’ right here. What do you think of the song? let us know in the comments and don’t forget to vote in our poll below!

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