Ana Milenković:”Listen to good music and enjoy every note, dance, love, hug and take care of each other!”

Ana Milenković is a Serbian singer & composer she had participated at Beovizija several times first at 2004 but she is also known for her performance at Beovizija 2006 as part of Blah Blah band with a song “Maler” (band won a prize for the debuting artist of the year). She is not a stranger to Eurovision stage too. Back in 2007 Ana was a backing vocalist for the historical debut victory of Serbia with the song “Molitva” by Marija Šerifović after that together with other backing vocalists they formed “Beauty Queens” and the five of them participated at Beovizija 2008 with a song “Zavet” where they ended at 3rd place. They performed at several festivals together but soon after that each started their own career.

Hi Ana, what inspired you to come back to the contest after all the years but this time as a solo artist?

The first time I participated at Beovizija was back in 2004 also as a solo artist with the song “Takva žena” (Such A Woman) written by Aleksandra Kovač. Even before that, I have participated at many festivals. Somehow it happened that this year the performance came for me, not with my idea, but the idea came from the authors of the song “Tajna” (Secret) Dušan Bačić and Dejan Nikolić. We meet after they proposed me to do so and we ended up here.

Beauty Queens – Zavet (Beovizija 2008)

I believe that you have great memories related to both Beovizija and Eurovision, could you please share with our followers a memory or an anegdote which makes you smile?
There were so many great moments. Funny and emotional. The ride from the hotel to the arena where we performed “Molitva” each day was filled with tears for some of us. We were not sad but the tears actually came from the strong emotions which took us over. The lady which was driving us was a big fan of “Molitva” and our performance so she even managed to learn the whole song in Serbian and she sang it to us while we were singing the Finnish version of the song to her. All of those memories always make me smile. Such a lovely experience!

After you began your solo career, you released a single “Bez tebe” (Without you) and after that your first solo album named “Od sna do jave” (From a dream to reality) back in 2010. You were not present at the scene for a while, what happened since then?
My career hasn’t been finished just with that one album. A lot of songs became popular and people still listen to them. I am very proud of that, because I wrote the lyrics and composed the music for all those songs. After that album some of my singles came out “Da se ljubimo” (Let’s kiss), which is very popular to this day, after that I collaborated with SevdahBaby for my song “Poznata” (Famous), then the song “Nevidljiva” (Invisible) and 4 years ago just after I found out I was pregnant I released a song “Budalo” (Fool) My presence in the media was minimal back then, but I am still an active musician. I still compose and perform.

Ana Milenković – Bez Tebe

Do you watch Eurovision regularly? What is your favourite song and what is your first memory related to the contest?
There were a lot of beautiful songs. On the first place, “Molitva” of course because with it we have provided a victory to Serbia, but let’s say that one of the recent songs which made a huge impression was “Amor Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral. He is unique and different.

Could you tell us a bit more about the song “Tajna” with which you are participating and reveal us some things about the performance?
The song “Tajna” (Secret) is a strong, emotional ballad full of tension but still a song which flows. It seems like a gentle song at first, but it is really demanding. I can promise you that I will give my best to make both the audience in the studio and the viewers at home enjoy the performance.

Sanja Bogosavljević and you have been singing together in Blah Blah Band, then you went to Eurovision 2007 as backing singers and after that formed “Beauty Queens”, this year both of you are participating at Beovizija, are you two close after all the experiences you had and plan to support each other or you will be rivals?

First of all Sanja and I are friends and then colleagues. We have a very similar sensibility and we easily understand each other. We always support each other. She is an amazing person and a great singer. Sanja deserves to present herself as a soloist and author to the wider audience with her performance at Beovizija.

What are your future plans? Can the audience expect a new single or a
n album?
My plans are connected with songwriting and composing music, my inspiration has given birth to new notes and lyrics, especially for the youngest ones.

Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?

Listen to good music and enjoy every note, dance, love, hug and take care of each other! ♥️

Official video of “Tajna” by Ana Milenković (Beovizija 2020)

Ana Milenković will perform as 11th act of the second semi-final which is set for 29th of February and if she is one of your favourites at Beovizija 2020, make sure you vote for her and your other favourites in our poll below:

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