Anastasiya Razvadovskaya: “Musical contest is about sharing your art, thoughts and impressions.”

Anastasiya Razvadovskaya better known by her stage name Nastasea is an artist from Belaurs who is not a foreigner at their selection for Eurovision, she already competed a couple of times but with the song “Hello” she managed to qualify from the auditions to the final for the first time.

Hello Anastasiya, you participated twice in the selection for representative of Belarus at Eurovision 2018 and 2019 but didn’t enter the final does this mean that third time’s a charm? What inspired you to apply to Belarus National Selection 2020?
Actually, I participated even more times. I guess that the song ‘Hello’, which I’m performing this year, helped me to stand out. I’m not a superstitious person, but I believe in hard work. That’s the reason why I’m here. And of course thanks to my husband and my dad. They always encourage me to follow my dreams.

What has changed since your participation last year? 
First of all, it’s my song. It differs quite a lot from what I usually write and perform. This year I’m gonna show you a different side of my personality.

Anastasiya at the national selection 2019

How was it to work with the team behind “Hello” and what inspired the song? 
I wrote the lyrics about 5 years ago, but the melody was different. Until Vitaly Penzin showed me one of the arrangements he was working on. And BOOM. MAGIC. We started working together. We changed the mood of the song. The lyrics were also changed with the help of my friend Sasha Guris. As for the inspiration, my songs got denied by numerous radio stations. ‘Out of the line’ – they told me. “Hello” is my answer to that industry. Never give up on your dreams. Do what you think is right. And believe in yourself no matter what.

Could you reveal to us something about the performance? 
We are taking the preparation seriously and the main examples for us are the most iconic performances by the world stars. The style is ours and you’ll have a chance to see it during the performance. The choreography is by Oksana Govanocskaya, my dance coach.

Have you listened to the songs of other participants? If yes then which one except your own do you like the most?
I liked VAL. The combination of modern music and the Belarusian language sounds pleasant and catchy. 

You and Yan performed together and now you are competing against each other could you say that he is your biggest competitor?
For me any musical contest isn’t about competition, it’s about sharing your art, your thoughts and impressions. And of course about reaching out to your audience. In that case, the winner is the one who succeeded in it. We all, the finalists, are the winners more or less.

Which musicians do you enjoy listening to and is there some artist you look up to?
I listen to different music, the main issue for me is the match of the mood, the lyrics and singing. My favorite performers are Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Jorja Smith, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Cardy B.

What is your first memory related to Eurovision? 
I remember seeing a beautiful performance of a girl in a blue dress against the backdrop with dolphins. She sang a song called “Is It True”. Yes, that was Yohanna. I thought it was unrealistic to somehow get to such a big stage, but now I know that there are opportunities.

Do you watch the show regularly and which song is your favorite?
I always watch Eurovision but sometimes there is no possibility to do it online. In that case, YouTube helps me out. I can’t say which song is my favorite but the first that comes to my mind is Loreen’s Euphoria.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?
I want to finally record my album on Russian and get my English songs ready. On the 16th of February, I’m presenting a small EP with 3 songs of mine. Hello is also there. I’d love to find more people to collaborate with for the new projects, to do concerts and promote my art. 

Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?
I really want you to discover my music. Check it on the digital platforms soundcloud, youtube and find your favorite song. I hope you enjoy it! Just do it! 

Anastasiya Razvadovskaya – “Hello” (Official audio)

Anastasiya will perform “Hello” as 6th on 28th of February and if she is your favourite don’t forget to vote for her in the poll below

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