Anna Bergendahl: ‘I hope to be able to make people feel hopeful for themselves’

Last weekend, Melodifestivalen kicked off with its first out of four semi finals in Lindköping. This week we’re heading to the former Eurovision city Göteborg (1985) and semi final 2!

We recently had the pleasure to have a little chat with Anna Bergendahl who represented Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo With her song “This is My Life”. Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify to the final back then. After her sucess with “Ashes to Ashes” in Melodifestivalen last year, she is back once again this year With her song “Kingdom Come”. She will participate in the snd semi final in Göteborg this Saturday.

What is your song “Kingdome Come” about and what does it mean to you?
With Kingdom come I hope to instill hope in people. The title is a metaphor for a higher, bigger and better place. People go through all sorts of hard things in life and I hope to be able to make them feel hopeful for themselves, if only for the three minutes they listen to the song. 

Can you tell us a little about your stage performance and what we can expect?
This year I have six (!) dancers with me. What they do is true art for me, and I get very inspired and energized from having them with me. Hopefully we will deliver a message of power, hope and warmth on stage. My creative directors are Dennis Brøchner and Zain Odenstål, who also did my stage performance last year, and in addition won Melodifestivalen for the past three consecutive years. I just love them.  

Anna Bergendahl performing “This is My Life” in Melodifestivalen 2010

What made you come back to Melodifestivalen?
After all the wonderful things that happened with “Ashes to Ashes” last year, I was filled with love from the fans, and all that became very addictive! We didn’t plan on returning, but we ended up writing a song that we believe in, and I’m thrilled to be back for a third time. 

What kind of experiences from previous years do you bring into Melodifestivalen 2020?
I just want to feel all the appreciation the fans gave me last year and keep that in mind, and hopefully step up my game in regard to the show, my vocals and my message.

What would it mean to you to represent Sweden in Eurovision?
It would mean the world to me. I would probably feel like an athlete representing my country in the Olympics! 😉 There’s something really special about competing for your home country. I would be extremely humbling, and I would try to redeem myself for 2010. 

What is your favourite entry from Melodifestivalen/Eurovision, and why?
I loved Australia’s entry last year. Amazing stage show and I really unique massage in the lyrics. 

Do you have a message for your fans throughout Europe?
I would like to thank them for making me feel like the likes of Madonna – they make me feel like a superstar with all their kind words. I got the opportunity of doing two shows in London and one in Madrid last year, and the fans just filled me to the brim with love. 

We thank Anna Bergendahl so much for taking time to talk to us, and wish her the best of luck in the semi final tonight. You can watch the semi final live on SVT1 and SVT Play at 8:00PM CET.

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