Bojana Mašković: “Beovizija is the ideal opportunity for a great career start for every singer”

Bojana Mašković is a newcommer on the Serbian music scene. Her very first song “Kao muzika” (Eng: Like Music) for which she wrote the lyrics herself, has made it to this year’s edition of Beovizija.

We had a lovely chat with Bojana, where we spoke to her about her music career so far, her song, her plans for the competition, and more. Check it all out in this interview below.

Hi Bojana! First of all, thank you for taking your time out for doing this interview with us. What can you tell us about your music beginnings and your music career so far?

In my career so far, I was primarily focused on pedagogy and working with children. I graduated from the Academy of Music in Belgrade, and after that I started working as a Professor of Theoretical Subjects. My desire and ambition to be on stage and do my own work has been around since my childhood, but only about a year ago I got a strong push to actually do that. I have been performing in different clubs in Belgrade for many years now, but now I finally got to the point which every artist desires in their career, and that is to do my own work.

You participated in the Sunčane Skale festival in Montenegro as an author, but if I’m not wrong, this is going to be the first time that you will present yourself as a singer. How did the idea come to introduce yourself for the first time in Beovizija, and with this particular song?

I think that Beovizija is the ideal opportunity for a great career start for every singer. A mix of different circumstances has happened, and here I am!

You wrote the lyrics to “Kao muzika”, and I feel that the lyrics of it are really personal. Who is it dedicated to?

Yes, the lyrics are very personal, and they are dedicated to music. Music is one of my biggest loves. And this song would be an Ode to music.

Jelena Đurić, Mladen Lukić and Dušan Alagić all have previous Eurovision experience, and they are a part of your team this year. How long have you known them for, and why did you choose them as your backing vocalists?

Jeca, Mladen and Dule are a great team. I had the opportunity to work with each and every one of them in the past, and they are all very talented musicians and very positive people. When all of this comes together as one, you get a really good energy, and I believe you have had the opportunity to hear that in the song.

What kind of a performance can we expect from you in Beovizija?

And interesting and an artistic one…

What are your expectations in this competition?

I don’t really have expectations, I’m just giving the very best of me.

Did you follow Eurovision in the last couple of years, and did any of the participating songs grab your attention?

Of course, Loreen’s “Euphoria”. It has such a strong energy which carries the audience.

What would it mean to you to represent Serbia in Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam?

It would be a dream come true of sorts, because I spent my entire childhood in different festivals. It is such a beautiful feeling to share the universal language of music with people from all over the world.

What are your plans after Beovizija, and possibly after Eurovision?

I will continue to do my own work as an author.

Thank you very much for doing this interview with us Bojana, and we wish you the best of luck in Beovizija!

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