DJ Lorenzo, Dino and Reper iz Sobe present house music joined with blues-jazz and will cut it with rap.

Marko Kantolić aka DJ Lorenzo, started his music career 10 years ago, while working as a DJ in a small club but, one performance in a club “Aquarius” in Zagreb changed everything, one half an hour mix brought the victory to Marko Kantolić and launched him into the top of DJ scene in Croatia, he performed in more than 80 clubs all across his home country, after all those performances he managed to break through to the regional market with performances in Slovenia, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria and Germany.

Dino Purić
has risen to fame after competing at the first season of the show “The Voice Croatia” where he was mentored by Ivan Dečak, he was stopped in the duels but after he signed for the label Dancing Bear and started to release his songs.

Ivan Grgić aka Reper iz Sobe
says that he plans to present something new to the audience but still stick to the roots last year he released a single “Reper iz Sobe” and two weeks after Dora 2020 he will have a concert to promote his first album “Vanka”.

The three of them joined forces and with the song “Vrati se iz Irske” they will perform as 9th act at Dora 2020 which is set for Saturday, 29th of February.

Hello Lorenzo, for someone who managed to win European club scene so fast where did you get the inspiration to perform at Dora 2020? Is that part of the plan to make a bigger breakthrough in the European club market or something else?
DJ Lorenzo:
I think that it is an honour for every musician to perform at Dora. To be chosen among 16 out of 200 submitted songs which will get a chance to be performed live at the competition is a great success and all of the team is really happy because of that. We want to present ourselves through the live performance to all of those who don’t know about us yet because we all know that Dora is one of the most viewed shows on TV. We think that Dora on its own, or eventual victory at the festival could be a great platform to break through the European music scene.  

How did the cooperation which combines totally different genres such as EDM, Jazz & Rap happened?
DJ Lorenzo: The song is a real treat. Modern sound of house music joined with blues-jazz sound and cut through with rap. It really sounds interesting. At the same time on stage will be present a DJ, great vocalist Dino, and the amazing Reper iz Sobe. I think that this combination of sounds and appearance of the three of us each in his own role will surely be something that will stand out from the other acts at Dora 2020. We want to get remembered by that performance and the sound we created.  

Lorenzo feat Ivan Dečak feat. Lara Bang – “S Tobom Sve Je Ludo”

How different would the composition “Vrati se iz Irske” be from all the other songs performed by DJ Lorenzo? Could you reveal us a bit more about it and share some things regarding the performance?
DJ Lorenzo:  I’m really glad you asked how the song came to life when people see the title of the song they immediately think that we are sending a message to someone. But it isn’t like that. Actually, Dino, Spiro and I met at one of the jazz-blues bars and I think that the love to that genre is something which connects us but we weren’t alone. We had our friend who recently moved to Ireland. So the song is actually dedicated to her made as some sort of a joke and I won’t be telling you more about it. You will need to “dig out” more about it on your own. We keep our friend as the “ace from the sleeve”.
Reper iz Sobe: The theme of the song is quite actual, and it concerns socio-demographic questions in our country.  Emigration is a serious issue here, so we decided to approach the issue seriously – we wrote a song.

Do you watch Eurovision regularly? What is your favourite song and what is your first memory related to the contest?
DJ Lorenzo: I have to admit that I watch Eurovision for a long time since I was 6 or 7 years old. I also listened to some of the old winning songs of the contest. I have my two Eurovision favourites and both songs won. Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now and Marija Šerifović – Molitva.  
Dino: I am regular at irregularly following Eurovision. It happens that I watch it religiously every year and sometimes it happens that I don’t watch any semifinal, just a part of the final. My favourite song would probably be “Lejla” by Hari Mata Hari and to this day I am sad for the fact that hasn’t won the contest that year. My colleague and friend Nina Kraljić also had an amazing song – Lighthouse. I also like Molitva by Marija Šerifović and Euphoria by Loreen. First memory of Eurovision I have? That was a
long time ago, it could possibly be the year when Croatia was represented by Danijela Martinović with the song “Neka Mi Ne Svane” but I am not sure about it. As I said it was a long time ago.
Reper iz Sobe: Absolutely, my favourite song is “Rock Me Baby”

Which musical cooperation and/or performance made you the proudest and why?
DJ Lorenzo: Regarding cooperations, I am proud of all connects which I made through my songs and as the one I enjoyed the most I would point out the one with Mia Dimišić and the last one with Darko Bakić. Regarding the performances the ones which made me the proudest were at Ultra 2018 and 2019 also the ones from club Steel in Rovinj which really works at a surely level.
Dino: I am proud at each performance no matter if it I in front of 20 or 2000 people It is important that the energy was good and that an exchange of emotions between the audience and me happened. I always like to remember the cooperation I had with Željko Bebek as I am such a huge fan of Bijelo Dugme. I am so proud of the Croatian show “A Strana” which part I was from the beginning.

Dino Purić – “Ljubi me”

Do you have a role-model or someone who inspires your work?
DJ Lorenzo: As I am a producer my role models are also coming from the same world I like the sound which is created by David Puentez and Don Diablo. 
Dino: Sure. My biggest role models are Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, Paolo Nutini and Prince. I don’t know how much of that hears in the music I perform, but I have definitely “learned” the most about singing and music from the mentioned ones.
Reper iz Sobe: There is a lot of them and I could be mentioning them forever but I will just mention the ones from my music genre: Rambo Amadeus, Anderson Paak, Vulfpeck, Prince.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

DJ Lorenzo: The plans are really big except for the modern the performance at Dora we expect to perform at CMC Festival 2020; Ultra Europe 2020; Castle Festival 2020 in Slovenia, Electro Punkt Festival 2020; Crazy Island Festival and lots of others. Also in addition to that a lot of performances are connected be in clubs. We started at 15th of February with a Valentine’s party and it will be continued in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. During the summer we would be positioned at the Adriatic coast.
Dino: First plan is that I am going to release my debut album. I have been preparing it for a while now and I hope that it will see the light of day this year. Except that I plan to have as much as performances as possible, a lot of musical cooperation and success in that field! And not to forget I am getting married this year!
Reper iz sobe: To perform as much as I can.

Reper iz Sobe – “Reper iz Sobe”

Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?
DJ Lorenzo: Thank you for following the work of Lorenzo and I would like to invite you to check the facebook and instagram page as well as our Youtube channel.
Dino: I wanna tell you all to watch Dora 2020 and thank you on behalf of my colleagues and me for your support.
Reper iz Sobe:

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