Hurricane: “We are confident in our song!”

Hurricane is a trio which has first of all conquered Serbian and after that Balkan music scene at the storm speed, first, they released some covers and then a couple of songs in English after that they started to release songs in Serbian which brought them enormous popularity. Members of Hurricane are Sanja Vučić (former representative of Serbia at ESC 2016); Ksenija Knežević (a competitor of Serbian national selection in 2013 and backing vocalist to her father Knez, representative of Montenegro at ESC 2015) and Ivana Nikolić, dancer, model and singer which cooperated with many Balkan music stars.

Hello Hurricane girls, how did it happened for you to apply for Beovizija 2020?
The idea came completely spontaneous. We started our career out of Serbia and after that, we presented our work to the Serbian industry. When our fans and audience started to familiarize with our songs sung in English then they started advising us to apply for Beovizija. Our producer extremely liked that idea, the three of us agreed and so that’s how we ended up at this year’s competition.

Ksenija you participated at the national selection in 2013 with song Magija as part of band SKY’s where you ended 5th in the final, how was that experience for you as 17 years old and what changed since then? You have also performed as Eurovision 2015 as backing vocal to the Montenegrin entry “Adio”, has Knez given you any advice for the upcoming performance at Beovizija 2020?
The main difference to my previous performance at Beovizija is that I am now a member of the group Hurricane which actually brings me a lot of new great experiences every single day. Regarding the advice, most of them have been connected to the whole career and that I should always put a maximal effort and give my best in the things I do.

Ksenija as part of SKY’s competed at Beosong 2013

Sanja, you took part at Eurovision Song Contest 2016. with the song Goodbye (Shelter) where you ended at 18th place how was that experience for you? Are you still in contact with participants from ESC 2016?
Performing at Eurovision Song Contest is an unbelievable, interesting and beautiful thing on its own, and that’s how I experienced it. There were lots of people which I met at Eurovision 2016 and I can say that I stayed in touch with many of them through social media which are after all used for those things.

Sanja Vučić at Eurovision 2016

Was there any memory or anecdote which makes you smile and which you would like to share with our followers? What inspired you to write the song “Hasta La Vista”?
The greatest memory I had is the exact opportunity to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm and represent my home country at the show which is so big and popular. The song “Hasta La Vista” hasn’t been inspired by something precise both the lyrics to the song and the idea came on its own.

Ivana, which music cooperation you had made you the proudest and why? 
Well, I am the proudest of the success of Hurricane, because we really work great and function even better together for almost three years. For all that time we have recorded a couple of songs in English, three songs in Serbian then the fourth song in Serbian came for the festival Beovizija 2020 but there will be more of them.

After the announcement of the participants you happen to be one of the huge favourites to win Beovizija 2020, does that put additional pressure on you and how does it feel?
We always try to give our best for all the audience and fans who follow us, so there isn’t any pressure because of that. We are confident in our song so we will surely be satisfied with the result we achieve at the competition. The feeling of competing at Beovizija is on its own something wonderful, adding to that the fact that it brings an opportunity to represent your country at Eurovision makes it even better and really exciting.

Can you tell us a bit more about “Hasta La Vista” and the performance you planned for Beovizija will it resemble the performance from the music video or not?
We always try to cheer up our audience with something new and it was the same with the song “Hasta La Vista”. The song is energetic and uptempo and most definitely different from our previous ones. We will not be revealing you a lot about our performance but let’s just tell that we have really thought about every single detail of it which will be noticed by the audience.

Hurricane – “Favorito”

If you win Beovizija 2020 do you plan to perform the song in English or Serbian because even though you released great songs performed in English the real popularity came with the songs sung in Serbian?
We still haven’t been thinking about potential performance of the song at Eurovision, if we win Beovizija 2020 we won’t mind singing the song in English. Both Serbian and English version sound great. 

Does the song have a version in Spanish?
The Spanish version of the song doesn’t exist but we believe that it would sound really interesting if we had it 😀

What are your plans for the upcoming year?
The audience had an opportunity to hear our new song we released which is sung in Spanish and our two new English songs will be released soon. We recorded those two in Los Angeles in december, last year. Of course there are also songs in Serbian which we are preparing. We work really hard and have a lot of scheduled performances all across the region, so we will continue to do our best to surprise our audience with a lot of new things like we did it until now.

Hurricane – “Guallame El Pantalon”

Do you know that until now on Eurovision stage we had 2 performances of the song with the same name “Hasta La Vista” (Ukraine 2003) and (Belarus 2008) If it happens that you snatch the victory at Beovizija 2020 and represent Serbia at Eurovision do you think that your song will break the curse of bad placements for the songs with the same name?
If we represent Serbia at Eurovision we will work hard and give our best in order to represent our home country in the greatest way no matter the name of the song.

Do you watch Eurovision regularly? What is your favourite song and what is your first memory related to the contest?
We watch it regularly, Eurovision is happening once a year so it isn’t hard to follow all the things about the competition. We don’t have a clear favourite among the songs because a lot of great songs were at the contest so far, but we remember the songs like “My Number One” by Helene Paparizou, “Wild Dances” by Ruslana and also many other which will be remembered thanks to the Eurovision.

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Hurricane – “Hasta La Vista” (Official Video)

Hurricane will perform as 10th act of the second semi-final which is set for 29th of February and if they are one of your favourites at Beovizija 2020, make sure you vote for them and your other favourites in our poll below:

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