INMATE: “…Slovenia would finally send a group with ”balls” to Eurovision”

Marko Duplišak, Andrej Bezjak, David Vodopivec, Miha Oblišar and Jure Grudnik are INMATE. After competing in last year’s edition of EMA with “Atma” and finishing in 7th place, this metal band is back once again in this competition, and they are hoping to represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2020 with their brand new song “The Salt”.

We had a great pleasure to chat with the guys ahead of this Saturday’s EMA, and ask them about their experience in last year’s competition, their new song, their views on Eurovision, and more. Check it all out in this interview right below.

Hi guys! First of all, thank you for your time for doing this interview. First of all, how was your experience in EMA last year with “Atma”?

The experience was something special for all of us because for the first time, we really got an opportunity to represent our music and message to the Slovenian audience.

What made you try and enter the Contest again this year?

We strongly believe in our music. We believe that we make quality and listenable metal music and that we are one of the most underrated underdogs. We really have nothing to lose. So, such events are great opportunities for us to be noticed on an international level.

How would you compare “The Salt” to “Atma”? 

We like both songs and we still think that “Atma” should have won last year because of its quality, energy and the efforts that were put into it, but it is not all in our hands to guarantee the success. There are also other factors, which are very significant. “The Salt” is a different song compared to “Atma”. It is direct and its chorus is even more suitable for Eurovision. 

Which message would you like to transmit to the European audience with “The Salt”?

Although it’s metal, we are always careful about the message. “The Salt” is a parable for a good man and we know that today a good and honest person is not easy to be found, but actually they make the biggest difference in the world. Another message is that good persons quickly encounter difficult situations on their path. Believe it or not, the idea for the song was born last year during EMA interviews. 

What kind of performance can we expect from you in EMA? How is everything going to look like? 

The final picture is not yet defined. We are discussing different options internally, but in the end the energy is our main asset at the performance.

What would it mean to you guys to represent Slovenia in Eurovision?

We think that Slovenia would finally send a group with ”balls” to Eurovision. It has never happened before, so we are sure it’s time for a change and to be bold.

Have you been watching Eurovision in the last years? Which performances grabbed your attention in particular? 

Some of us have watched it and some of us haven’t. We think there are really quality bands represented there that have the same goal as us. Everybody does their best and would like to represent their music on a higher level.

What will be your next steps after EMA, and possibly Eurovision? 

We will have to practice a lot. We are prepared for it and we are aware it’s not going to be easy. A lot of sacrifice will have to be put into it, but actually that’s what we have been doing for 15 years. Our time has come to show our quality.

Thank you again for your time, and I wish you the best of luck in EMA!  

It was our pleasure.

Whilst we are waiting for the songs of this year’s EMA to be released, you can listen to a mash-up of snippets of all 12 finalists – the clip of INMATE’s song starts at 2:05.

Based on the snippets, if INMATE are your favorites, make sure you cast your vote for them in our poll right here:

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