Iva: I am seriously considering to perform the song in Icelandic if we get to the finals!

Iva Marin Adrichem is known for competing at “The Voice of Iceland 2016”. She is studying classical singing and together with Richard Cameron Iva is the author behind her entry “Oculis Videre” which will be performed in the 2nd semi-final of Söngvakeppnin 2020 set for 15th of February. We had an opportunity to talk to her about her inspiration, song and plans, all of her answers you can read in the interview below.

Hello Iva, you rose to fame after competing at “The Voice of Iceland” 2016 how was that experience and what has changed since then?
A lot has changed since I took part in The Voice. At the time I was 18 and I was so nervous for that I didn’t manage to perform as well as I wanted. Now have much more experienced and my confidence has grown a lot. This is mostly thanks to my classical music study during the last two years.

What inspired you to apply to Söngvakeppnin 2020?
As a child, I watched  Söngvakeppnin every year and always imagined myself one day being part of the competition, but only at the right moment and with the right song.

How did the cooperation with Richard Cameron start?
Richard is a good friend of my father. I got to know him better when I moved to Rotterdam. We are both musicians and we’ve grown a great connection through music.

Photo: Edland Man

Which version of your song do you enjoy singing more the Icelandic or English?
First I enjoyed more to sing the English version. The song was originally written in English and I wasn’t sure the Icelandic version I made was bringing the message across the way we wanted it. However, I now feel secure enough about the Icelandic lyrics. I think it just had to sink in a bit. I am seriously considering to perform the song in Icelandic if we get to the finals.

Have you listened to songs of other participants? If yes then which one except your own do you like the most/is your biggest competition?
There are so many super talented artists in the competition this year – it’s quite overwhelming actually. But my favourite song is definitely “Thinking about things”, sung and written by Daði Freyr. It both works well in Icelandic and English en I really hope Daði will do well. 

On which projects are you currently working with the Icelandic Opera?
I’m not in any projects with the Icelandic Opera anymore. In the past, I played in two of their productions, La Boheme and Carmen.

What is your first memory related to Eurovision?
My first memory from Eurovision is when I was watching Söngvakeppnin 2008. Then there were 32 songs in the competition, so the show was far bigger than it is right now. I remember that I was looking forward to every Saturday for a new episode with songs and I was so happy when Eurobandið got chosen to represent Iceland in Belgrade 2008.

Do you watch the show regularly and which song is your favourite?
I watch Eurovision every year. My favourite songs are Birds from 2013, sung by Anouk and Taken by a stranger from 2011, sung by Lena Meyer. 

What are your plans after Söngvakeppnin 2020?
However this competition goes, I’ve set my mind on completing my study in classical singing with the goal of working as a professional singer in the near future. Söngvakeppnin is a huge opportunity for me and off course I’m excited to see where it brings me, but it’s difficult to make plans based on an outcome you don’t know what will be.

Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?
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Listen to Iva’s entry “Oculis Videre” below

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