Ivana Jordan: “Eurovision is a great place to introduce ourselves as a nation with deep roots, tradition and history”

Beovizija, Serbia’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, is taking place this week. A total of 24 acts are going to compete to become Serbia’s entry in Rotterdam. One of the most well-known Serbian singers is back in the competition after participating in 2006 and 2007 – Ivana Jordan, and she is hoping to represent her country in Eurovision this year with the song “Vila” (Eng: Fairy).

We had a great pleasure to do an in-depth interview with Ivana Jordan, and we spoke to her about her music career so far, her previous Beovizija participations, her latest album, and of course – “Vila”.

Hi Ivana! Thank you so much for taking your time out for doing this interview with us. You took part in Beovizija 2006 with “Lazarica” and in 2007 with “Bomba” – two songs which are quite different to each other. Now you are back with “Vila”, which people compare to your first entry “Lazarica”. How do you feel about the comments that the two songs have a similar style and energy?

People are right to compare “Vila” and “Lazarica”. Both songs are a mix of modern pop sound with some ethnic and traditional elements. This is generally how I see Serbia’s entry in Eurovision, with this type of compound. It’s a great asset that our culture has such a deep tradition, and Eurovision is a great place to introduce ourselves as a nation with deep roots, tradition and history. Not all countries have this. So when they don’t have their own identity and their own way to be recognized, they chase world’s global trends. This is our advantage which I think we should use with pride.

Did you follow Beovizija after you took part in it, and what were your impressions of how the contest developed over the years?

Honestly, the first couple of years after my participations I didn’t really follow it. I was under the impression of disappointment. However in recent years yes, I was following it again. I really love Eurovision and it is always exciting to see who is going to be selected to represent our country. And it’s also an amazing opportunity to promote your new song.

What made you enter a song for this year’s Contest?

I felt a strong desire and need. Lots of Eurovision fans wrote to me, especially after “Lazarica”, they wanted me to give it another try as they loved the spirit of “Lazarica” and wanted something like that to represent Serbia in Eurovision, but I wasn’t feeling that back then. Now I once again felt a very strong desire and had a clear image within me about what type of song I would like to perform. I wrote “Vila”, and here I am!

Your songs are always so full of love, and “Vila” is yet another case of this. What inspired you to write this one?

“U ovom svetu punom dima, svako trazi nekoga. A umorna dusa bi da voli, jer život je ljubav beskrajna”, or translated into English: “In this world full of smoke, everyone is looking for someone. And a tired soul would like to love, because life is an everlasting love”. I believe that this is every person’s need, to find their soulmate, to love and be loved. To have their own fairy (Vila), and for ourselves also to be someone’s fairy or someone’s knight. As much as we are rushing through life, this is the essence that fulfills life and our hearts. Fairies are also present in the Serbian tradition, and it’s such a beautiful word that’s easily pronounced in every language. But above all, the public often identifies me with this sensibility and notion, so everything came together nicely in one beautiful word – Vila.

Apart from writing great songs, you always follow them up with amazing stage performances. In Beovizija 2007 you won the special award for the best stage performance for “Bomba”. Can you give us away any secrets on how your performance is going to look like this year?

I am once again preparing a very powerful stage performance, of course. I wouldn’t want to give away much, because the charm is that it comes as a surprise.

Do you normally follow Eurovision, and did any song in particular catch your attention?

There were lots of really beautiful songs, but also lots of ones I disliked. And it’s always very uncertain which one could win. I really love Loreen’s “Euphoria” and “Heroes” by Mans Zelmerlow. Also Alexander Rybak made a great impression with his cheerfulness and his song when he won with “Fairytale”.

You have been around on the Serbian music scene for 20 years already. What are you most proud of in your long career?

I am most proud of having built my very own distinctive style. This is the value of every artist. Also, being active on the music scene for 20 years is a big deal. Especially if you nurture uniqueness, and you don’t follow trends blindly from one summer to another. I respect all artists who didn’t come to perform on stage in order to jump, ‘seduce’ people and take money, but they also have the will and desire to say something and elevate someone’s soul and mind. Music is not only for partying.

You are always very positive, cheerful and smiling, what is the source of your energy?

I believe this has to do with one’s character – we are born with it, and we build it over time. Sometimes it’s also our own defense mechanism against bad intentions around us. There are so many things that could ruin serenity every day, but after every fall and every disappointment one should rise and continue on his own path with the same or an even greater enthusiasm and inspiration. And this can only be done with positive energy and cheerful thinking. We can’t be alone in life, we need our own friends who we can cherish this together with.

Your album “Moj si život” (Eng: You Are My Life) contained your Brand new songs, as well as your already well known hits but in jazz arrangements, got released back in 2014. After this you released various new singles, so can we maybe expect a new album this year?

After this jazz adventure and the album “Moj si život”, I went back to pop music and I recorded 4 new singles. I also released a CD with some of my old hits, where my new songs “Pridji mi ti”, “Moj andjele”, “Sviraj i voli me” and “Zagrli me sad” are also included.  I have plenty of ideas for a new album, but I will see which way to go after Beovizija.

Thank you very much for your time Ivana, and we wish you the best of luck in Beovizija!

Thank you so much for your interest!

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