Klara Hammarström: I have been inspired by how young people stand up these days and have been strong.

We spoke to Klara Hammarström who’s going to be in Semi Final 2 of the Melodifestivalen this weekend.

Hi Klara. Congratulations on being chosen for this year’s Melodifestivalen! What first got you into music?

Music has always been around and as long as I can remember I have always sung and made music.  My mother played and sang alot for me and my siblings when we were younger, and I always had access to a piano at home so in those ways I always sat and played after school.  

As many people know, horses have also been of great interest to me, and for a while I was in the choice of continuing my career in equestrian sports or completely switch to music.  It became clear that music is what I am made for and where I belong for real.  

I’ve always been the person who can never be quiet or sit still. So I think music has always given me space to live the way I want.

How were you chosen for Melodifestivalen? 

I think we were chosen because of the super hit we’ve made. And as a bonus what a fantastic team we have behind it! If I can say it myself, Erik Smaaland, Palle Hammarlund and I are an incredibly fun team that thinks outside the box and a little crazy going! 

I found out that I had been selected by my team who called me and said “We are in!”. This was a few weeks before it became official. So I had to go with a big secret for a few days, telling no one and that was a challenge!

What is your song ‘Nobody’ about? What inspired you to write it?

When we were going to write this song, I sat down with Erik and Palle to talk about my visions. What I said was “Let’s do something that is just us”, outside the box and crazy. The result we got was really exactly what I wanted to achieve!

The song is about independence and I’m able to do it myself. It has come to the time when you actually say what you think, I have been inspired by how young people stand up these days and have been strong.

How do you find the creative process when writing songs? What inspires you?

Everything inspires me to make music, really! But what gets me creative is when I write about something that touches me alot like feelings, things I’ve been through or moments that I want to experience but haven’t been through yet.

When I write the best lyrics is when I sit for myself and just think then they usually just bubble up, and then you just want it out.  

That’s why I have thousands of notes on my phone, because I write down notes on my mobile everyday.  I can sit and write during a flight or during the cinema with friends, or I record what I hear in my head on my mobile, and how I want it to sound so that when I go to the studio I have ideas.

Your song was co-written by Palle Hammarlund who’s in the band Dolly Style. How did you meet Palle and did she give you any advice for competing in the Melodifestivalen?

I met Palle at the camp that we wrote Nobody, before that we had never worked together. Palle is so extremely talented and music savvy! I have both Palle and Erik to thank that we are now in Melodifestivalen! He has given me many tips and especially when it come to how the song should be performed so that it becomes as special as we want it to be.

What’s your favourite Melodifestivalen song and why? 

My favourite has to be an Eternity (Evighet) by Carola, it has always been the song I have sung on all events. It has power and charisma and it’s the song that made me love the Melodifestivalen.

What’s your favourite Eurovision song and why? 

Euphoria by Loreen. It´s such a great and fantastic song that you just can’t stop listening to.

What can we expect in your staging at the Melodifestivalen?

Lots of power and energy, happy smiles and a awesome show ! Colourful and the sparkle in the eye

Thanks for talking to us Klara and good luck in the contest!

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