Kristin Husøy: “Pray for Me” is about a difficult love relationship

Kristin Husøy (18) has rose to fame as participant of “The Voice Norge” last year. She joined the show as she took a gap year after finishing high-school. This will be her first participation at Melodi Grand Prix and it happens to be in her hometown at Trondheim Spektrum Arena. Kristin will perform as 5th on Saturdays final. We had an opportunity to chat with her about her entry “Pray for Me”

Hello Kristin, Norwegian audience got familiar with you after “The Voice Norge” last year how was that experience and what has changed since then?

To participate in “The Voice Norge” was an amazing experience full of all kinds of emotions. In addition to it being so much fun, it was also super scary and nerve-wracking. I have struggled a lot with nerves in the past so it was hard pushing through that, but I ended up learning how to deal with nerves much better since The Voice it has gotten and that feels great. I also got a lot of stage experience there and I feel more relaxed on stage, which makes it easier to focus and enjoy.

Kristin’s audition at “The Voice Norge”

How did you decide to apply for Melodi Grand Prix?

I was actually contacted by the head of Melodi Grand Prix who said he saw me in The Voice and had a song for which he thought would suit my voice well. I was extremely glad he thought of me and I gave the song a listen. It had something extra to it and I instantly liked it. After I sent him a clip of me singing it he, to my great excitement, offered me a spot in the competition and I gladly said yes!

How does it feel to be part of the MGP final, which is going to be held in your hometown Trondheim as the youngest finalist?

It feels a bit surreal to be a part of MGP and that I have made it to the final! I am so happy and thankful to those who voted me there! The fact that the final is in my hometown is very exciting since big events like this happen less frequently here. I do feel the pressure and it will be a bit more tough to represent the city, but it will also be nice to have my family and friends so close.

What was the meaning behind “Pray for Me” and how did the song came to life?

The song was written by 4 Dutch people: Roel , Marcia, Galeyn and Neil. It was originally written in a man’s perspective so I got to rewrite it into a woman’s. The song portrays a difficult relationship in which a partner means no good to the other, but despite that the person still chooses to stay because it is so in love. It is like when you’re screwed and you just gotta pray for yourself to make it out in one piece.

Some fans describe “Pray for Me” as a song which could be featured in a James Bond movie? How does that feel and who are your music role models?

It is so cool to hear that people would describe it as that! I really love the vibe from the James Bond songs, a little dangerous and mysterious. I am a big fan of the soul, RnB and jazz genre and some of my favourite artists include Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald and Sam Cooke.

The competition of this year’s MGP is so tough, which act do you see as the biggest competitor/like the most?

Yes, I think the level of the songs is very high and there are many beautiful songs in the final! One of my favourites is Ulrikke Brandstorp’s Attention. It has a great feel to it and she bis an amazing singer.

What is your first memory related to Eurovision?

My family and I used to watch Eurovision together when I was little and it would always bring us close together. One of my favourite memories is from 2009 when Norwegian Alexander Rybak won Eurovision with his song Fairytale. It felt so cool that little Norway could win such a big thing and since I was still very young, it was the first year I got to stay awake and watch the whole show.

Kristin – Pray for Me (MGP Semifinal 3)

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