Marin Jurić-Čivro: “Naivno is a fusion of music genres and it differs from my musical expression so far”

Marin Jurić-Čivro is a Croatian singer born in Virovitica. His breakthrough was when he auditioned for “The Voice Croatia” and his great performances of the songs “I Don’t Want To Be”; “Soldier of Fortune”; “Hallelujah” and “Take Me To Church” lead him straight to the super final of the show. After that he published his first single, participated in festivals and did what he enjoys which is performing and creating music.

Hello Marin, Croatian audience got familiar with you back in 2015 when you won 3rd place in the show “The Voice Croatia” a lot of things changed since then, could you summarize the things which happened and made you especially proud?
Everything has changed. From that moment on I tend to talk about my life in two parts the first one was before and the second after “The Voice Croatia”. I am really proud for coming so far in the competition and the fact that performing hasn’t finished just when season one ended makes me the proudest.

Marin Jurić Čivro at “The Voice Croatia”

You have very unique and specific interpretation, great voice and you are young singer/songwriter tell us more about your inspiration?
Thanks for the compliment! Inspiration for the writing, singing, and creating music is found at many places some of which I never thought will be the ones to cause that. Some of those are life stories of different people, the things which happen, parents, friends, pets and so on.  

What made you decide to apply for “Dora 2020”?
I made a deal with my manager Marko Matijević Sekula who is also a friend of mine and a producer to step into 2020 strong and to catch all the opportunities which are offered with the strongest effort. Luckily we are now part of Dora 2020 which is another step up in the career. So we are going strong, not loose.

Marin Jurić-Čivro – “Tvoj Lik”

The song “Naivno” came to life through cooperation between the band “Manntra” (last years participants at Dora) how did that happen?
Marko, member of Manntra, and I know each other for a long time. We met through the music and after that we are cooperating. Our characters function well while working together and we enjoy each others company and creation.

Could you reveal us a bit more about the song “Naivno” and reveal us some details about your performance at Dora 2020?
The song “Naivno” (Naive) is a fusion of 3-4 music genres and I would even say that it is somehow different from my musical expression so far. With Marko, the team behind the song are also Boris Kolarić and Maja Kolarić, and both Marko and Boris are the ones who I can thank for my single “Zima” (Winter). The performance is adjusted to the fact that I am not a skilfull dancer so we chose to go with a creative visual solution!

Earlier this year you won 2nd place at 67th Zagreb Festival with the song “Zima” (Winter) in a duet with Nina Kraljić (your colleague from The Voice Croatia and Croatian representative at Eurovision 2016) how did that cooperation happen and are you satisfied with the audience reaction to the song?
67th Zagreb Festival went above my expectations. We were joking that we came there to win and nothing except that, at the end with a bit of miracle the victory almost came true. I would like to congratulate to my colleague Marko Kutlić for the win. The cooperation with Nina Kraljić came spontaneously, but I would even say a bit expected. For a while the two of us were searching for a song which we could sing together and we recognised that in the song “Zima”, the first time we listened to the song we realized that there is another part needed and that should be Nina – I sent her the song, she liked it and that is how this duet came to life.

Marin Jurić Čivro feat. Nina Kraljić – “Zima” (2nd place at 67th Zagreb festival)

Recent Croatian representatives which managed to achieve good results had connections with “The Voice Croatia” (Nina 2016; Jacques 2017). Indira Forza (judge at The Voice 2015-16) and you are also connected with the show and both of you are competing at Dora 2020. Do you think that it is about time for Croatia to achieve another good result through sending someone from “The Voice Croatia” as their representative?
The decisions like that are not up to me, so I would rather let them be made by the ones which could decide them.

Do you watch Eurovision regularly? What is your favourite song and what is your first memory related to the contest?
I will be honest, I haven’t been watching Eurovision so detailed, I don’t watch TV, neither do I follow media actively, I am somehow occupied with my virtual gaming world and with music.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?
The main plan is that we won’t be going loose. We started really focused, released a single “Zima” which had a great by the audience, Now it is turn for Dora 2020 and presenting the song “Naivno” and besides that with my team I am preparing something new.

Do you want to share something else or you maybe have a message for followers of escbubble?
I would like to tell you all to support young musicians if you like their work, because the young shall inherit the world.

Marin Jurić Čivro will perform his entry “Naivno” at Dora 2020 which is set for Saturday 29th of February as

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