Naiva: “I was refused at my first attempt to join a choir”

Naiva is the stage name of Ivana Jajčanin, a young girl from Zlatibor (West Serbia), who is a student of Faculty of Political Sciences, but also an emerging singer, she was performing at some clubs and at Beovizija 2020 she will have a chance to present herself to the wider audience with the song “Baš Baš”

Hello Ivana, can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your musical career so far?
Career is a bit strong word for the things which happened to me before Beovizija and that is something I plan to build, but my love to music came long time ago, when I was a child. An interesting fact is that at my first attempt to join choir I was refused, with the explanation that I wasn’t good enough.

Ivana Jajčanin (cover of ” He Can Only Hold Her” by Amy Winehouse)

Where did the inspiration for the name Naiva come from? Is it just the mix of syllables of your name Ivana or there is another meaning to it?

Žika (Zana) is the one behind the name Naiva. Basically, the name came from the inversion of syllables, but there could also be a bit of symbolism to it also.

How did your cooperation with Jelena and Žika (Zana) start?

Drummer of my previous band Zoran Babović aka Babonja was also a drummer to band Zana, so he brought us together. Žika and Jelena felt something special and breathtaking with my performance and me.

Some of the people say that your voice reminds them to Amy Winehouse, what do you think about that comparison?

I am honoured because it is really a huge thing to be compared with Amy, but the goal I have is to completely build my own style and singing profile for which people would recognise me without comparison to anyone.

What are your expectations from Beovizija 2020?

First of all I would like to present myself as an artist and to get out of anonymity. I am really happy to be part of this experience, to hang out with other performers and I am sure this will mark a fase of my life and I am so excited about that.

Do you watch Eurovision regularly? What is your favourite song and what is your first memory related to the contest?

I watch Eurovision, but not as much I did when I was younger. I will without a doubt remember the best the year when Ruslana won with “Wild Dances” because except her there were many talented singers which made spectacular show back then. But the song which impressed me the most and which is the closest to my musical sensibility is “Soldi” by Mahmood.

What are your plans for this year?

I still wouldn’t talk about the plans, because there are some projects developing, but I would like to go step by step and try to enjoy every moment of it and learn as much as I can through it all.

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Enjoy the show and all the songs of this year’s Beovizija and don’t forget to vote for the song number 5 at Saturday 29th of February!

Naiva – “Baš Baš”

Naiva will perform as 5th act of the second semi-final which is set for 29th of February and if she is one of your favourites at Beovizija 2020, make sure you vote for her in our poll below:

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