Pasha Parfeni: “We created a show that is inspired from our folklore, traditions and fairy tales”

Moldova’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest – O Melodie Pentru Europa, is taking place this weekend. A total of 20 acts are going to compete to represent their country in Rotterdam. One of the 20 finalists is the singer who already represented Moldova in Eurovision back in 2012, and finished in 11th place in Baku – Pasha Parfeni!

Pasha is back in the competition, and hoping to represent his country in Eurovision once again, this time with the song “My Wine”. We had a great pleasure to chat with him about his Eurovision memories from Baku, his new song, upcoming performance in O Melodie Pentru Europa, and of course as the title of his song says – wine! Check out everything he told us in this interview right here:

Hello Pasha! Thank you for taking you time for talking to us! For the beginning, tell us how was your whole experience in Baku?

Baku was such a fascinating experience that it feels like it was yesterday. I met a lot of mega talented artists who I learned a lot from. Sometimes I think it was like an art school that I graduated within two weeks instead of attending it for years. Baku was a concise course of music, friendship, quality and fun.

Did you watch Eurovision in the past 7 years, and how do you think the contest developed since you took part in it?

Of course, I am big fan of this contest. I was watching it since my early childhood, so, obviously, my habit didn’t change recently. I love the fact that the contest is changing like a living organism, going through various transformations and growth. The best part about it is that it has become more global and inclusive while welcoming new countries. Also, in line with the life and era we live in, it is conveying messages that many people relate to.

Why did you decide to come back to O Melodie Pentru Europa this year?

I felt that I am ready to tell something to Europe. In 2012 I was younger, and I wanted to be on the Eurovision stage just because it was a prestigious promotion platform, I wanted to sing my song and enjoy that the world was watching me. This year, I realized that my presence in Europe can be more meaningful and impactful. This is how we came to the idea that a song about love can go to Rotterdam as a business card promoting my entire country.

What can you tell us about your song?

“My Wine” is a song that I wrote together with Victoria Demici, my London-based co-author, at exactly the same time when a British tourist company included Moldova in the top 10 wine destinations for 2020. We thought it was a prophetic coincidence and a clear sign we were doing right while planning to write a song that would be an invitation for all Eurovision fans to visit Moldova at some point. Although it’s a song about love that a positive, cheerful, optimistic person is addressing to their significant other, it can also be a song that we, as a country, are singing to you, our fellow Europeans. Alternatively, it can be a song that you, the European tourists can sing to us, after falling in love with our country during one of your best gastronomy and wine holiday ever. 

Do you actually produce your own wine, and what type of wine is your favourite?

Of course! I even intend to share it with the fans that will attend the show in May. On a more serious note, my family makes their own wine as all Moldovans do. It’s our tradition, especially in rural areas, to grow some grapes and produce small quantities of wines within families. It’s a very good wine. Remind me to bring you some if there is anything left until May. 

I promise I will! 🙂 And if we came to Moldova, what is the wine we definitely need to try?

My favourites are Feteasca Neagra and Negru de Purcari. Moldova is famous for grapes that grow in our country for thousands of years. Also, we are in the Guinness Book for the biggest wine cellars in the word. They are basically underground cities. We filmed the official music video in those cellars. You should come visit!

What are your expectation from the contest?

I am a competitive person, so, of course, I want to make it to the final and, preferably, to be in the top 5. Also, I want to use this chance to be in Europe as an ambassador for my country that is still being described by the cliché of the poorest country in Europe. This can easily be changed, if more Eurovision fans could join me in promoting us as a tourist destination i.e. boosting our economy. 

How is your staging going to be, and how is everything going to look like? Will anyone join you on stage, will you have any props…?

We created a show that is inspired from our folklore, traditions and fairy tales that we invented for ourselves. We decided to make a show where we can look at usual things from a totally new perspective. We are actually quite impressed by how things turned out in the end. But our idea requires a lot of work and rehearsals, that’s why we meet twice a day now and don’t get to rest enough. But we really want to win the National Contest and make it to Rotterdam.

Any other plans have you got for 2020? Can we expect more new music from you?

I will launch a new song in April 2020 and I am positive the Eurovision community will like it. The next hit is to be released in summertime. They will both very catchy and rhythmic and should be a good choice for dance floor lovers.

Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you the best of luck in Moldova’s selection!

Thank you, ESCBubble. I really appreciate your support.

Give a listen to Pasha’s song “My Wine” right here:

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