Sondrey: “I want to take my music to the international level”

This weekend marks the grand finale of Norway’s selection process – ‘Melodi Grand Prix’ – and we’ll find out which act will be representing Norway at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest! Ten acts will be performing for that chance, and the first auto-qualifier that we met all the way back in semi final one Sondrey is ready for the show!

We caught up with Sondrey to find out a bit more about his career, his entry “Take My Time” and whether we can get any teasers of what to expect from his performance on Saturday!

David: Hi Sondrey! Welcome to Melodi Grand Prix! How come you have decided to compete in this Eurovision selection show?

Sondrey: I decided to compete because it felt like the right time for me to show the Norwegian people and my fans that I want to take my music to the international level.

D: You’ll be competing with “Take My Time”, tell us about the song! What does it mean to you? How did your involvement with the song happen?

S: “Take my Time” is a Michael Jackson inspired funk track that gives me good vibes and makes you wanna dance. I didn’t write the song, but I had the honour of putting vocals on it.

D: You automatically qualified to the final, however you did give us a very slick performance of your song at the first semi-final. Will you be changing anything in the performance for the final?

S: That will be a surprise for the finals, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

D: So you grew up involved in music originally through church. What inspired you to want to pursue a music career? I also read that your music style is influenced by Michael Jackson, so do you have any other musical inspirations?

S: I guess it was artists that I listened to who had similar stories to mine. Growing up in church feeling like there was something bigger for them out there. Yeah I’m inspired by Drake, G-unit, Mario and Whitney Houston.

D: And you’re also a man of many talents! Not only are you very musical, but you’re also athletic as a sprinter! Whether it be in music or sports or just in daily life, what is it that motivates you to keep going?

S: The results I get from hard work is my main motivation these days. It’s really fulfilling to see that hard work always pays off.

D: Last year you competed (and did very well!) on Stjernekamp performing in many different genres and styles. But tell us about you, how would you describe your musical style?

S: I would describe my style as a mix of funky pop and urban trap. Many would say that I sound like The Weeknd sometimes.

Sondrey released his previous single “I’m No Good For You” back in 2018.

D: If you do win Melodi Grand Prix, you will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam! What would that opportunity mean to you?

S: That opportunity would mean the world to me. To be able to show my music on such a big stage and maybe even have an international breakthrough.

D: Last year Norway won the European televote, and as a country is known for always sending brilliant songs. Do you have a favourite previous Norwegian representing song? 

S: Yeah, Alexander Rybak with “Fairytale”. Love that song!

D: Do you have any future music planned? What are your plans looking in to the future?

S: Yeah, I’m going to release my debut album this year in May and releasing some good quality music videos. So there’s going to be a lot of music in the near future.

D: Thank you for answering our questions, and good luck in the final! Do you have a message for your fans?

S: Thank you guys for supporting me. You mean the world to me and this wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

You’ll be able to see Sondrey in action on Saturday night during the final, but for now you can check out Sondrey’s Melodi Grand Prix performance of “Take My Time” here:

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