F3M: “If we win the UMK our minds will probably blow.”

Tomorrow is the day we’ll finally find out who’ll carry the Finnish flag in Eurovision 2020, when Uuden musiikin kilpailu (UMK) takes place in Tampere, Finland. One of the six finalists is F3M, the only band in this year’s UMK. F3M is formed by three amazing woman, Miara, Viv and Baby O, who kindly agreed to answer a couple of questions we asked from them. This is what they told us about themselves, their UMK-participation and their relationship to Eurovision:

Hello F3M and thank you for doing this interview! At first I’d like to ask what is your relationship to Eurovision and do you have some favorite memories regarding to Eurovision?

Hello! Thank you for having us! All of us have watched Eurovision since we were kids, if not every year then almost every year. We have very pleasant and fun memories, watching the contest with family or friends. The year Finland won was of course very special, the whole country was celebrating, people went to the streets! It was like we had won the World Championship in ice hockey!

You are the only band in this year’s UMK, and that alone makes you different compared to other contestants. In your opinion, what other things separate you from other UMK-contestants?

We have a unique spicy energy. The three of us (Miara, Viv, Baby O) are very different compared to each other, which makes us a very interesting combo. You’ll get curious!

You have told that you want to be Spice Girls of this decade. Besides this wonderful band, do you have some other musical role models? If so, who are they?

Actually, we don’t consider Spice Girls as our musical role model, it’s more the awesome attitude that they have and the celebration of everyone’s differences that we want to embrace and spread to the world! We get inspired by a lot of different musical styles and genres all the way from R&B and rap-music to heavy metal and pop etc. Hayley Williams, Rihanna, Cardi B, Grimes, Gojira, Kendrick Lamar, Rosalía and Die Antwoord to mention a few.

Your song Bananas is a joyful pop-song, which makes at least me and surely also many other want to dance! How would you describe your song and the message of it?

Joyful is a great word for Bananas! And dance too! It’s a song full of empowerment and good energy. The message is simple: we should all be able to be ourselves and celebrate each other and our differences. And have FUN! Whatever that means to you.

What kind of stage show can we expect from you in UMK?

Colourful and energetic. Just like we are!

How was your band’s name F3M born?

F3M was born after a long brainstorm. We wanted it to be something simple and memorable and something that reflects our ideology. There’s three of us, we are feminists and represent femininity in our own ways and also fem is a Swedish word for the number five. The number five has been said to symbolize strength, love and fearlessness. So, our name has some meaningful layers!

If you could collaborate with any Eurovision star, who would you choose and why?

We all have our own favourites so the collaboration would probably be a combination of pop, heavy metal and a power ballad. Lordi, Loreen and Safura. Pretty interesting! 

What would winning UMK and representing Finland in The Eurovision Song Contest mean to you?

If we win the UMK our minds will probably blow. We are so happy to have this chance. We would be so honoured. And to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest would be something unimaginable! A dream come true for all of us!

Could you tell something about your musical backgrounds?

We have all had music in our lives since we were kids. It’s something that comes naturally to all of us. Some of us play instruments as well but singing is the main instrument for all three. Viv comes more from the world of rock, Miara is our RnB girl and Baby O actually has a classical background but has turned into a pop princess over the years.

What would you like to say to our readers and your fans in Finland and abroad?

Thank you for the lovely support and for listening to our music, it means so much! We hope you enjoy UMK and we really hope to see you at Eurovision! Love, F3M xoxo

Thank you so much F3M for this interview and good luck to UMK! 

F3M is competing in tomorrow’s show in 4th position with their song Bananas:

If Miara, Viv and Baby O are your favorites in UMK 2020, don’t forget to vote for them in our poll:

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