Here Is YOUR Winner of Selectia Nationala 2020!

Selectia Nationala 2020 will kick off tonight Buzău and Roxen will perform the five songs which were pre-released. The decision of the song which will represent Romania at Eurovision 2020 will be made by a national jury and the public. The jury is consisting of Luminița Anghel, Crina Mardare, Alin Oprea, Edward Sanda and Andrei Tudor will award a set of points from 5-0, which was based on each member’s individual set of votes from 5-0. The televoting would be rendered down using the same scores. Tonight’s show will as interval acts include Loreen (Sweden 2012) and this year’s participants at Eurovision Ulrikke Brandstrop (Norway) and Sandro Nicolas (Cyprus). The draw of entries which Roxen will perform is as follows:

  1. Beautiful Disaster,
  2. Cherry Red,
  3. Colors,
  4. Alcohol you,
  5. Storm,

During previous weeks we asked you to vote for your favourites of Selectia Nationala 2020 and here are the results:

  1. Alcohol You 41.99%   
  2. Cherry Red 32.7%   
  3. Beautiful Disaster 10.56%   
  4. Storm 8.11%   
  5. Colors 6.64%

The entry which you’d like to see as Romanian representative at Eurovision 2020 is “Alcohol You” which received 41.99% of your votes, followed by “Cherry Red” with 32.7% of the votes, the other three acts haven’t received a lot of the votes with barely managing to get over 10% it is “Beautiful Disaster” at third place. While the two entries which completely haven’t amazed you are Storm with 8.11% and Colors with 6.64%

Our editors have also listened to all of the songs and voted. These were the overall results of their votes:

  1. Alcohol you,
  2. Cherry Red,
  3. Beautiful Disaster,
  4. Colors,
  5. Storm

Our editors have agreed with the votes of the audience at our poll as they also have “Alcohol You” as the favourite for the win while “Cherry Red” is close second, third place went to “Beautiful Disaster” while the only difference is that they placed “Colors” as their fourth and “Storm” as the last place of tonight’s show.

You still have time to cast your votes for your favourite entry of the night, as our poll is going to remain open until the end of tonight’s final of Selectia Nationala 2020. Vote below:

Don’t forget to tune in at our live blog of “Selectia Nationala 2020”.

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