Jamie Talbot:”I’ve actually turned down the DMGP twice the past two years”

Jamie Talbot is competing in ‘Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020′ with the song “Bye Bye Heaven” and we had the opportunity to talk with him before the final. The National final will take place on 7 March, where 10 songs will compete to win the ticket for Rotterdam.

Hello Jamie Talbot and thank you for taking you time for ESCBubble!
First of all, how was your reaction when you heard you will be at
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020?

You are most welcome 🙂 I was very exited! I was out walking the dog with my girlfriend at the time of the call. We were actually just talking about it and I had come to peace with not getting enough votes by the south region to enter. So it was a very nice surprise i must say.

What are your expectation from the contest?
Well. I’m just going to be enjoying the ride. It’s an honor to be
performing at the DMGP and sharing the stage with a lot of great artists.

What made you decide to enter in the contest?
This is quite a funny story. I’ve actually turned down the DMGP twice the past two years and actually decided that it wasn’t for me. So i was pitched this song from a great team of musicians and i really connected with it. They asked me if I wanted it and I said yes. THEN they told me that they wanted it to compete in the DMGP. So I ended up taking the whole package, which i am extremely grateful for now 🙂

Can you tell us about your song for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, what it
is about?And why do you think your song would be a good choice for

The song is a well written and produced pop song that could easily fit into any mainstream radio. I didn’t write the song myself, so i’m not just blowing my own horn LOL
The song itself highlights the clash between reason and temptation. That’s probably the best and most precise way to put it without saying too much.

How will be the staging at DMGP2020? What can we expect from your
For my performance and staging, you can expect the focus to be turned towards the song and vocal performance.

Do you follow Eurovision and have you a favorite song from the contest?
I haven’t followed the contest much. I saw it every year when i was a kid though. My favorite song has to be Loreen – Euforia. It’s one of the few i remember hitting the billboard charts.

Any other plans for 2020? Can we expect new music from Jamie Talbot?
I am currently writing on some new music for myself and my band. I would very much hope it to be ready for release this year, depending on labeldeal, publishing ect.

In the end, I want to thank you for your time and please, if you have a message for your fans and our readers here on ESCBubble?
No, thank YOU for your time to write me these questions. Well, for all fans and readers; If you want to see or hear more from me, you can go to Jamie Talbot on spotify, youtube ect. And go follow my instagram: jamietalbotmusic or facebook: Jamie Talbot

You can still vote for your favorite from Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020 down below:

Listen to Jamie Talbot’s song “Bye Bye Heaven” below

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